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Saturn Mahadasha -Ketu Antardasha | Saturn - Ketu Dasha | Shani- Ketu period or Bhukti

The Shadow planet Ketu is one of the most malefic planets in the astrological arena and is perceived to bring the worst period of native's life as it is the carrier of hurdles and obstacles in life. This Ketu antardasha in the Saturn Mahadasha is perceived to be generally a negative period for a person as it would be a very much difficult path.

The presence of impediments all around in Saturn-Ketu dasha or Bhukti would make the native weaker from inside and would reduce his/her mental strength besides which it would effect the happiness and peace of the person. This period would require much of tough efforts and hard work from the person though most of them won't give worthy results due to Ketu. On the other part, the high presence of difficulties could take the person towards evil and immoral path.

The person in Saturn-Ketu dasha or Bhukti would become insincere and reckless in this period and would confront many conflicts & quarrels which altogether would lead towards differences and distances in professional and personal relations. The person would face downfall in professional and social stature besides which could also have financial crises if the planetary positions would be that adverse.

The negative impacts of Ketu would include fear from thieves, poison, fire & water, increasing foes, obstacles in education, accidents, unworthy traveling and losses in ventures. This would be a period of unhappiness which could lead till the extent of miseries and agonies in Shani-Ketu bhukti.

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