Saturn-Venus dasha, Saturn Mahadasha - Venus Antardasha or Bhukti by - Shani major period and Shukra minor period

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Saturn Mahadasha -Venus Antardasha | Saturn - Venus Dasha | Shani- Shukra period or Bhukti

The arrival of antardasha of planet Venus or Shukra in the Mahadasha of Saturn would be a blend of both negative and positive impacts upon the native and would be a balanced combination. Here, Saturn or Shukra would bestow potency and would also bring hurdles to the person while on the other hand; the positive impacts of Venus would wipe off much of Saturn's negative impacts while Saturn would bestow strength to the weakness of Venus.

The person in Saturn-Venus dasha or bhukti would confront impediments in the path due to the planet Saturn but Venus would keep his/her believe in the positive direction which would lead the native towards growth though it would be a quiet difficult path. The person would stand potent & dominating and would receive respect from the surrounding besides which there would be many reasons for happiness at the personal front that could also include marriage and birth of son.

The native in Saturn-Venus dasha or bhukti would find many foes around but he/she would stay safe and would enjoy good comfort in this period. The person could also experience rewards and recognition in this segment along with a better fortune. The spiritual significance in this period would be another positive shade but the presence of eye trouble, fevers, dental problems, heart diseases and unreasonable quarrels will play the role of adverse shades.

In the end, Shani-Shukra dasha or bhukti this will be a period with most of goodness but it will come along some adverse impacts of planets

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