Sun Mahadasha and Planet's antardashas by - sub periods of Surya, chandra, mangal , Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, rahu, ketu

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Results of Sun Mahadasha

Sun is perceived to be a positive and powerful planet which is believed to bring potency and brilliance in the native's life. It is a potent and strong planet and is believed to be of supreme place and so on in general, it bestows the native with dominance and higher position. Altogether, Sun is believed to be a celestial body which brings luminous to the world and so on its is perceived to bring goodness in lives but as it is also the expression of heat and aggression, the native could also receive the same.

The natives of Sun Mahadasha are perceived to attain a good and strong place in the social circle as they would receive the support of higher authorities, government institutes and the person would acquire power & authority but this period could also cause distance or separation from some close relations besides which it would also decrease the number of people serving you as your servants.

In this period, people are perceived to receive good affluence from variant sources with significant involvement of pursuits related to medicines, weapons, fire, land and royalty. Besides this, it will enhance the inclination and vision towards the spiritual aspects and could lead the person towards pilgrim visits but this period will also enhance the anxiety and restlessness.

This period also holds the fear and threat from thieves, enemies, government and fire along with some health problems including venereal diseases, severe and fever besides which there could be lack of mental peace leading to unhappy living. It could enclose the person and his closed ones with fears, distress and sorrowfulness. But the person would grow socially even if his/her personal life won't remain good.

Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under Sun mahadasha are as follows:

Sun Mahadasha - Sun Antardasha :

Sun as the Sub-Period of Sun Mahadasha is the first segment of Sun Mahadasha where Sun becomes more potent and effective and leaves much of its impact upon ....

Sun Mahadasha - Moon Antardasha :

The Sun - Moon period in the Mahadasha of Sun generally brings positive results and brings the betterment in one's life as they both are perceived to be benefic planets ....

Sun Mahadasha - Mars Antardasha :

The sub-period of Mars in the Mahadasha of Sun brings the two powerful planets together and this emerges as the most potent combination which will bestow the same ....

Sun Mahadasha - Mercury Antardasha :

The planet Mercury is a soft and fantastical planet but it is perceived to be a benefic presence and when it comes along with the potent and powerful Sun, they creates a ....

Sun Mahadasha - Jupiter Antardasha :

The planet Jupiter is perceived to be a teacher among all the planets and so on it provides wisdom and knowledge to the natives and so on the combination of Sun - Jupi ....

Sun Mahadasha - Venus Antardasha :

The combination of Sun and Venus is again a balanced arrangement as the planet Venus is a soft and flexible planet which would sit finely with the highly energetic ....

Sun Mahadasha - Saturn Antardasha :

The Sub period of Saturn in the Mahadasha of Sun is perceived to be a powerful combination as both the planets are potent creatures while the Saturn is perceived to ....

Sun Mahadasha - Rahu Antardasha :

The shadow planet Rahu is perceived to be a malefic planet in astrology which usually perceived to bring negative impacts besides which Sun and Rahu do not share ....

Sun Mahadasha - ketu Antardasha :

The combination of planet Ketu and Sun would bring most of negative impacts as the Ketu is a malefic planet and Sun is highly powerful and aggressive. Ketu is a malefic ....

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