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Aries Taurus Compatibility

Aries Taurus ( Mesha - Vrishabha ) Compatibility

Both have different approaches in case of doing anything. Aries will jump directly into action and will not take much time to plan. On the other hand Taurus will take his own time to fully grasp the situation then make a plan or opinion about it and then take the action with a more practical and cautious attitude. This will make both critics of each other's actions. Aries will not be comfortable with the extra cautious attitude of Taurus and Taurus will be full of criticism if sometimes Aries will fail because of his hasty decisions.

One more contrast will be in the basic nature. While Aries likes excitement, adventure and change, Taurus will go for security and routines. Aries will not like the seriousness and calmness Taurus posses.

If these things are managed, both of them can complement each other in a good manner. Aries can bring the excitement and some more lively feelings to Taurus life and Taurus can give some stability in thoughts and calmness to fiery Arian.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman

It is not a perfect match. In initial days , both will have good attraction towards each other. She will initially like his charm and will be interested by his passion. He will be impressed by the sensuality of her. But when the initial period will be over , he will not like the serious and over-cautious approach. She will like him to be with her in home and he will like to visit the shining and happening places around the town. When she will insist on be at home , Arian will not like it and feel tied down.

She will be more practical and pragmatic and will not be having agreement with Aries decisions to act first , plan later and with his spending habits. She will not like the risk taking attitude of Aries man and many times got irritated by his ego and bossy nature. This can be resulted in quarrels and disputes. So much effort should be done from both sides to have harmony.

Aries Woman and Taurus Man

A Taurus man will not frequently like to visit the happening places. He wants to be more in home like routines. While Arian female will like to go to outside world and spread her dynamic energy rather than more being home. She will not like much routines and will like to do new and try unexplored things. The spending habits will be different. He will not like spending much on unnecessary things and she is extravagant beyond his imaginations. Seriousness of him will put down the free spirit of the Aries woman.

This relation can work if the Taurus man can lean to respect her individuality and free spirit and Aries woman can learn to save money and respect his sense of security.

Compatibility score: 5 / 10

Conclusion: Relation not made in heavens , Hard work has to be done

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Aries symbol - The Ram

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Aries quality - Cardinal

Aries element - Fire

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