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Aries Gemini Compatibility

Aries Gemini ( Mesha - Gemini ) Compatibility

Aries and Gemini both have many common traits. Both of them hates boredom and doesn’t like to do repetitive and routine activities .They always try to do new things and like exploration. They both like excitement and quick actions. They will not like anything which is dull and boring. They both will want to live their lives to the fullest extent and not worry much about the happening of past. They will be more concerned with the present. Both are quick thinkers. Aries will not much intervene in Gemini’s matters and will give the freedom which Gemini wants. Gemini in return will tolerate the individual and independent nature of Aries.

Both have something very common which generally irritates other zodiacs. The inability of both of them to stick with something (professional or personal) which has become dull or boring .They have less persistence than many other zodiacs

The compatibility is quite good but there are some problems. Aries have a firm nature and will not like the quick changes in decisions and taste which is inherent in Gemini because of his dual nature. The descriptive conversation of Gemini sometimes irritate Aries. Overall the both of them have so much good for each other. Aries will provide much brightness to Gemini’ s life and Gemini will not let Aries get bored any times with his quick wits.

Aries Man and Gemini Woman

Aries man and Gemini woman both are vibrant and exciting. Both will like new challenges and adventures. In case of energy levels, Both will be ideal math for each other. The couple will never allow boredom to come close in the vicinity, even for the people who are in the friend circle of this couple. Both will explore new things together. Gemini female will take much interest in Aries risk taking strategies. Aries male will be able to match with her constant need to explore, analyze and talk about new subjects. They will love each other and will have lot of enjoyment. Some problems can be present when Aries will not be able to digest her constantly changing decisions. There could be arguments and disputes but it will calm down easily as the Gemini knows how to handle such a situation.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man

Gemini man will be able to impress Aries woman with the quick wits and charm he possess. He will respect her freedom and independent thoughts and never intervene in every small matter. Because of this , Aries woman will not feel suffocated in the relationship and this will provide the guarantee for a warm and log term relationship. In return ,Aries woman will be provide a constant platform for a Gemini male to express his most bizarre ideas and generally an approving note from her. She will listen to him with attention and interest and generally approves his plans which will be a satisfying feelings for a Gemini. Some occasional problems may occur when the flirtatious nature of Aries female will annoy the Gemini male. But this will not be a big trouble as both of them will not let other go for such matters. Aries female will learn with the time.

Compatibility score: 7 / 10

Conclusion: Made in Heavens, but some work need to be done

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