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Aries Aquarius Compatibility

Aries Aquarius ( Mesha - Kumbh ) Compatibility

These two zodiacs are one of the most creative and dynamic signs. Both are dynamic so there will good chance of compatibility on this front. Not following the rules of society and not caring about the image in the society is the one trait of Aries which is mostly uncommon in other zodiacs, but in case of Aquarius, Aries will find his match. Aquarius is a zodiac who will go against the conventions.

He will not always follow the rules and traditions of the society. Personal freedom and creativity in thoughts will be their in-built in them. These two will be form a very good match as they will give respect to other’s independence and will not intervene much in to his affairs.

Aries will be impressed and interested in the creative and unique ideas of Aquarius and the Aquarian will be interested in his love for freedom. There could be some glitches but those will be solved.

Both will be able to entertain the other with the quick wits they have. The relationship will not be boring for any of them. There will be a playfulness in their daily life. They will not like routines and will try bizarre thing also.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

Both have high level of compatibility. Aquarius woman will amuse the Aries man with the creativity and novel ideas she is having. Aires man will charm her. Both will stand for each other’s thoughts. When Aries will be show his fiery nature, Aquarius female will be able to clam down him in a very easy manner. She will make him convinced about any conflicting thoughts.

He will make this relation passionate and fill it with warmth. He will shower her with romance and expansive gifts. If any argument happens, those will be solved in an amiable manner. Very less problems will happen.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

This will be a very good match. They both will have good chemistry and go easy with each other. This couple will be popular in their friend-circle for their sense of humor and creativity. Both will have very less ego clash. Aquarius man will know to tackle the situation when the Martian female will be outrageous. She will always have the support of Aquarius man whenever she will require it. Aries female will like the ever-exploring Aquarius male and his zeal. He will be impressed by the enthusiasm she has for the new and novel aspects. There will be lesser differences and the compatibility will be high.

Compatibility score: 8 / 10

Conclusion: Made in heavens, Lesser problems

Aries Facts

Aries symbol - The Ram

Aries ruling Planet - Mars

Aries quality - Cardinal

Aries element - Fire

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Brave outlook

Courageous steps

Negative Traits

Hasty approach

Lack of persistence

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