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Aries Libra Compatibility

Aries Scorpio ( Mesha - Vrishchika ) Compatibility

The word for this relationship is “Passion”. Both the individuals are highly passionate and their relationship will have sparks of high passion. They have so many things which are common like their constant fight against injustice and habit of taking the favor of underdogs. Both will have high level of independence and individuality and will respect the independent thoughts of each other. Scorpio will always like the fierceness of Ram.

There are still some differences which are problematic for relationship. Both are having unyielding and un-submissive kind of nature. So in case of any dispute, there will be a long fight and nobody will retreat. Apart form it, after a long and heated fight, Aries will forget about the that easily and will become normal again with the great ease. This is not the case with Scorpio and he will remember the harsh tone and words used by the Aries during the clash. As Scorpio believe in “Not easily forget and forgive” philosophy.

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

The risk-taking nature of Aries man will be much admired by Scorpio female. She will love the aggressiveness and excitement in the Arian life. Aries male will also find a true companion in Scorpio female when it comes to have a life full of passion and adventures.

Her secretive nature may put some hurdles in relations when Aries will find out that while his partner know most of his personality as he is quite open, he doesn’t know much of the personality and thoughts of her, as she has a secretive nature.

Sometimes, Aries over-aggressiveness may give deep wounds to Scorpio secretive heart and it will not be healed easily

Scorpio female will require more closeness in relation which is not much possible from the side of an Aries.

But there are so many positives also in this relation and if both work together, then the relationship can work. They both have to respect each other’ s nature and habits.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man

In he beginning, an instant spark of attraction will be there between these two. But maintaining that for a long time will require work from both sides. The dominating nature of Aries female will be totally unacceptable for Scorpio male. The admirations, the Aries woman got from other men will not be liked by Scorpio and could be a point of dispute as jealousy is a part of his nature.

There are positives also. His magnetism and charm will be liked by Aries female and her originality will be admired by the scorpion.

Compatibility score: 6.5 / 10

Conclusion: Not made in heaven, but many common habits

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