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Famous Aries Personalities

Akira kurosawa
Famous Film director

Al gore
US politician

Alec Baldwin

Alec Guinness
British Actor

Alicia Silverstone

Alyson Hannigan

Anne McCaffrey
Popular fiction writer

Ashley Judd
Famous actress

Bette Davis
Famous actress

Billie Holiday

Booker Washington
Famous novelist

Carmen Electra

Celine Dion

Charlie Chaplin
Famous Comedian

Christian Slater

Clarence Darrow
Famous Lawyer

Colin Powell
American Politician

Cynthia Nixon

David Frost
Famous TV host

Dora Russell
English TV anchor


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Aries Decans Astrology

Division 1 :

The First decan of Aries or Mesha that is, the first ten days of Aries period(21st March to 20th April) represents the most dominating Aries....

Division 2 :

The second segment of Aries month that is the next ten days which is the middle partition, is dominated with the qualities of planet...

Division 3 :

The last segment of Aries Zodiac that is the last ten days of it's period comprise natives of highly exploring and fantastical vis.....

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Aries or Mesha Career
The Aries or mesh individuals for being highly energetic and dominant in manners are inclined towards the active and challenging directions

The career or professional directions which are most suitable to the Aries or Mesha in case or career, business or self-profession are writing, designing, architecture, entertainment, advertising, journalism, TV, defense, athletes, salesperson, marketing, firefighters .....

Aries people are advised to stay clam and to hold a control over their aggressiveness. They ...

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Aries Astrology Compatibility
The people born under this sign are quite independent and born leaders    
Both have different approaches in case of doing anything. Aries will jump    
Aries and Gemini both have many common traits. Both of them hates    
Aries can feel suffocated by the by the requirements of a cancer    
The good level of compatibility will be found in this pair. Leo    
Aries and Virgo will have good compatibility with some points of conflicts    
There are some common things between these two zodiacs. Both are    
The word for this relationship is "Passion". Both the individuals    
There is a very good compatibility between these two. The    
Aries and Capricorn both are determined people and have clarity about    
These two zodiacs are one of most creative and dynamic signs. Both are    
Aries direct talks and aggressive nature can hurt the sensitive Piscean    
Famous Aries Personalities

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