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 Life Predictions Report




Dear Vijay,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Aries

Ascendant lord: Mars

Moon sign: Libra



Escalated: None

Own house: Saturn, Moon

Combust: None

Detailed Horoscope Analysis

Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates:

Your ascendant is Aries and ascendant lord mars is well placed in 5th house in its friend sign which indicates that you are going to have good health and will get good education. You will have flair of intellect in you.

Your second house lord is also well placed giving you good amount of money through inheritance and good spoke power. You will be a good orator. You will have good support from your relatives.

You have partial kaal sarp dosh present in your horoscope. This dosh is formed with rahu on sixth house and ketu in twelfth house. This yoga will present many hurdles and breaks in many important aspects of your life. It will particularly harmful in case of loss from enemies and over expenses.

You will have many secret foes which will cause many losses in terms of money and respect in society. This yoga will cause much expenditure on useless things.

You have a benefic planet in your 4th house and 4th house lord is strong and well placed. This indicates that you are having high level of mental peace and you are going to own land. Investment in Property will give you good results.

You are manglik in your navamansa and in your birth chart; you are manglik by a malefic planet. It will adversely impact your marital life but your 7th house (house of marriage) lord is well placed in 11th house which is a balancing good impact on your house of marriage. So you are going to have problems in marital life but marriage will go on with average level of harmony

Your house of luck is having good impacts giving you good support of luck. It will always support you at the testing time.

Your lord of house of profession is placed in its own house and one benefic aspect it from the 4th house. This makes your career prospects very high. You will be in job and will have a side business also in the later part. You will be in fruitful profession. You will be in either chemical, textile or mining industry. You will be very successful in your career undertaking and will be placed attain top position in the later part of your career         

Your 11th house is in good position so you will have good level of income. You have a malefic impact on your 11th house so you have some problems in the start in case of income.

You will have good support from your friends. They will support you at the time of need.

You will be mostly living in your homeland. Many foreign visits will there but for the short duration and you will not permanently settle in any foreign country.

Your children will have good achievements in their life and will have good health. They will have good support of luck. 



Major/Minor Period for 20 years (Life reading astrology)

You will have following major/minor (mahadasha-antardasha) periods of planets for the next 20 years in your Life reading report:

Saturn Mahadasha

12 Jun 2001 to 26 Jan 2004              Saturn-Saturn

27 Jan 2004 to 05 Oct 2006              Saturn-Mercury

06 Oct 2006 to14 Nov 2007               Saturn-Ketu

15 Nov 2007 to 14 Jan 2011              Saturn-Venus

15 Jan 2011 to 26 Dec 2011              Saturn-Sun

26 Dec 2011 to 26 Jul 2013              Saturn-Moon

27 Jul 2013 to 05 Nov 2014              Saturn-Mars

06 Nov 2014 to 11 Jul 2017              Saturn-Rahu

11 Jul 2017 to 23 Jan 2020              Saturn-Jupiter


Mercury Mahadasha

24 Jan 2020 to 20 Jun 2022              Mercury-mercury



Detailed Forecast for 20 years

Saturn-Saturn (12 Jun 2001 to 26 Jan 2004)

Saturn being the lord of house of profession and house of income and well placed in its own house of profession. This period of Saturn under Saturn will bring very good results in case of profession.

You will make big strides in the career during this time. This period has the potential to transform your career. Till March 2002, career will continue with normal pace without much events happening  

Till March 2002, you will remain in your current organization and in April 2002, you will change the organization and will join a new big multinational organization. This move will be very beneficial for you; your compensation package will be increased considerably.

You will be having some initial difficulties in adjusting in the new environment. After June 2002, you will be proved efficient in your work place and will earn the reputation in the eyes of superiors. This will be very good for you in long term. The rest of this period will see you in the better position in your career.

Money flow will be very good in this period after April 2002.This period will be good for investments. Investment in mutual fund will be good. Speculation will not be good for you. Expenditure will be high.

The period will not be good for love relation. The existing relation will not be in good and harmonious stage. Many disputes are possible. You will try to continue but he misunderstanding will not be cleared. In July 2003, relationship will end. No new relation is possible during this time.

Foreign tour will not be there during this time. No property purchase is seen.

Health will be in general good during this time. No big ailment is seen. Some times, you will be suffering from stomach ailments. You have to work hard which will increase the stress level some times but will not cause any trouble to health.

Property purchase will not be possible in this time.


Saturn- Mercury (27 Jan 2004 to 05 Oct 2006)

This period will be particularly positive for you. It will start with your promotion and salary hike in a period from April 2004 to June 2004.The effort you had been putting from the sometime in past will give you results in this period. Your luck will support you to a great extent.

Your superiors will be much impressed by you. In career, your ambitions will be fulfilled. You will earn a good name and fame in your work place. Your colleagues will be supportive during this time.

The full year of 2005 will be enhancing your confidence in the new role and the period till October 2006 will be even better than the previous one.

The financial situation will be very good. You will get good salary hikes, organization bonus and performance bonus. This will strengthen your economic situation. You will get good returns from previous investments.

This period will be good in case of doing new investments. The investment will be good in mutual funds and ULIPS. Investing in share market will also be beneficial. Speculation will also give good results.

This period will be average for love relations. One new relation is possible but that will be temporary and will not grow to the satisfied extent. No permanent relation is possible till March 2006.Towards the end of this period after March, the time is good for love relation. There is a possibility of meeting your soul mate during and after this time.

A foreign trip will be there in a period from December 2005 to February 2006.You will visit any country in Western Europe.

You will go for the purchase of vehicle. You will buy a four wheeler during this time in June 2005.

Health will be generally good during the whole period. You will be suffered by stomach ailments and ailments related to cough during this time. No serious ailments are seen.  

Property purchase will not be possible in this time.


Saturn-Ketu (06 Oct 2006 to 14 Nov 2007)

This period will be a challenging period for you in case of career. Many hurdles and conspiracies will happen in your work place and social circle. You have to be very careful during this time. Some of your colleagues will be jealous of your earlier success. They will try to defame you and will try to harm your reputation in front of your superiors. You will be under lot of stress due to this.

After August 2007, there will be recovery on this part. You will recover from the bad reputation spread by them by the good and hard work you put.

The growth in income will be average. You will get good returns from your previous investments. But this is not a good time for any new investment in any field and speculation is too much harmful. You should try to save as much as possible.

This period will be a good period for love relation. You will meet your soul mate between June 2006 to November 2006.This will be a long lasting, stable and satisfying relation which will finally convert into marriage. During this whole dasha period, relation will be in good shape with occasional disputes.

Foreign trip will not be there during this time. Many opportunities will come but will not materialize.

Health will not be good in this period .Many ailments will happen. Ailments related to Liver are possible which will trouble you most. You will recover from it.


Saturn-Venus (15 Nov 2007 to 14 Jan 2011)

This will be a very beneficial period for you in terms of money flow and attaining luxuries and wealth. Career will be in good shape and you will be a clear winner in this time.

2008 will be a very beneficial year for you in term of career growth. You are most likely get one promotion in this period from May to August 2008 and the scope of your work will be increased. You will be allocated additional responsibilities and you will be managing a big team. This will happen with the considerable increase in your salary.

In 2009, career will continue smoothly with lesser disputes.2010 will begin with many traveling and this will continue for first half of the 2010.

In the second half of 2009, you will start a side business which will be very much beneficial in terms of money flow. This will be mostly on the consultancy part of the career you are already in. This move will give your creativity a rebirth. In the initial days, you will not get much money wise benefits but certainly you will have the satisfaction which is not there that much in the repetitiveness of the job.

Financial condition will be excellent during this period. You will have regular growth in income throughout the period. You will spend money on luxuries items also. In this period you have good chances of earning money from speculation. You can earn huge amount of money through any game show or lottery or any other type of speculation. This is a good time for saving as well as investment.

This time will be excellent for love relation and due to success in both professional and personal life, in this phase you will be very much satisfied. 2008 will be excellent. Your love life will flourish during this time.  All expectations relating to beloved will be fulfilled. Between March to may 2009, you will get married to your beloved.

Remaining 2009 and 2010 will be excellent for marital life. No disputes will be there. Overall a satisfied and excellent period for love and marital life.  

Two foreign trip will be there in 2008 and 2010 .One will be in the second quarter of 2008 and second will be in the last quarter of the 2010.

Health will be good during this time. Ailments related to skin will be affecting you. Previous ailment related to liver will be cured in this time. Minor cough and cold related ailments will be there in the full period.


Saturn-Sun (15 Jan 2011 to 26 Dec 2011)

This period will be having many problems and hurdles in case of career. You will have many problems in case of career. Office and work environment will not be harmonious for you. Your colleagues will be against you and plan many plots against you. You have to be very cautious during this time and should not believe any of your colleagues. Your superiors will not support you. You will be much in tension during this time. Maximum problems will be there between April to August. This time will give serious damage to your good reputation.

Money growth will be average. New investment is strictly not advisable. Speculation will only give damage to you during this phase. During June, Your car will be stolen and you will be fed up talking to insurance company for getting your claim. Unnecessary expenditure will be there.

This time will be average for marital relation. You will be in lot of stress because of your professional and other tensions. You will not be able to give quality time to your partner and will become short tempered while in home. This will create problems in the relations and it will go till the limit of breaking of the relation. But relation will continue and after this period, it will be in good shape.

Foreign trip is not there in this period.

Health will be average during this period. Severe ailments related to digestion will be there. So much mental tension will be there.


Saturn-Moon (26 Dec 2011 to 26 Jul 2013)

Things will again change to positive. Things will be fully in your favor and it will be a very prosperous period. You will get again positive environment in career. All of opponents will support you through influence of your work. Your efforts will be improved a lot. It will be a positive phase for career.

Financial condition will be good and you will be particularly benefitted by the side business you started some years back. This venture will be at its high during this time and will give you a large amount of monetary benefit. Expenses will not be high and you will be able to save good amount.

Marital life will be average. The differences between you and your partners will slowly come to end during this time and both of you realizes your mistakes and try to correct them. This will increase the warmth in the relation.

Foreign trip will not be there during this time. But you will be doing much domestic travelling.

Health will be good .No big ailments are seen.


Saturn-Mars (27 Jul 2013 to 05 Nov 2014)

During this time, you will be many times in the foreign lands working on assignments given by the organization. These trips will be of shorter duration. You will be involved in business development and your skills in this area will be revealed to your superior. This will boost your career to a great extent and will give you new heights and new area of work. After October 2013 ,a great favorable period will come. From now onwards, you will be given mostly these assignments and you will climb the corporate ladders in a very fast manner.

Due to this, you will come in to the contact of many influential people. They will be very useful for the expansion of your side business in future.

Money flow will be excellent. Financial condition will be at its best. You will get many organization allowances. You will save lot of money during your foreign trips. Good returns from previous investment. This will be a excellent time for speculation. If you invest in speculation especially in any kind of lottery, you will win a huge amount of money. There will be excellent growth in revenue in case of side business.

During this time, you will get a property in inheritance from any of your close relative. This property will enhance your financial level to a great extent. You will most likely sell this property and get handsome amount in return.

Marital life will be good. You will realize your mistakes and correct them. A better level of understanding is achieved. This will make good impact on your relation. Good time spent with the spouse

Health will have no big issues during this period. Minor ailments are seen.


Saturn-Rahu (06 Nov 2014 to 11 Jul 2017)

This period will be very distinct from all other periods from the major period of Saturn. This period will bring much success in the side business as you will get bored by the rigor and repetitiveness of the job. You will continue to do job but you more attention will be there in case of your side business and you will try to make your full time business. The contacts which you made during your foreign trips will be very useful at this time. You will have some initial international order in the June 2015 which will boost your confidence.


You will be most likely do business in textile or chemicals. These fields will be much beneficial for you. You will keep doing job during 2015 but during this time you are consolidating you position in business. From February 2016 to November 2016, you will have excellent period for the business growth. You will not be able to handle your business now as it has grown bigger in size. You will involve any of your relative in to this. Till 2017, chances are good for growth of business.


Financial position will be exceptionally good as you are drawing money from your career as well as the growth of income from business is also rising during this time. You will get good returns form previous investments also. This is good time for savings and new investments. Expenditure on luxury will be there. You will have a family trip in foreign with your family. You will buy a new luxurious vehicle also in second half of 2016.


You will have good relations with your spouse and marital life will go on happily till August 2015.

After this, the period is not good for marital life. Many misunderstandings will be there between you and your spouse. You will be too much busy in your profession and will not be bale to provide quality time to your family. This will increase the gap between both of you. Many quarrels are possible. After June 2016, the situation will become better. After this, the marital life is average.      


Many foreign trips are possible during this time.


Purchase of a luxurious vehicle is there in the second half of the 2016.

Health will be good except for a period from October 2015 to January 2016 and in a period from June 2017 to July 2017.In the first period, you will suffer many time by high degree of fever, in the second occasion, you will meet up with accident which cause you to get hospitalized. You will recover on both occasions easily.


Saturn-Jupiter (11 Jul 2017 to 23 Jan 2020)

This period will bring many new opportunities in case of business. Your side business will flourish with the assistance of your relatives. Your relative will be efficient in operation and management which will bring streamlining different departments of your business. You will have many new orders from foreign lands. You will have very good revenue growth.

After October 2017, you will have many orders from UK, France and nearby countries.2018 will be very much beneficial in case of career and business growth. In career, you will be promoted and will now be heading a department or a practice. The salary package will be very much improved and many new allowances and packages will be added to the package.

2019 will see average period for first 5 months and not very good gains are expected. After that good growth is seen.

Financial condition will be very good. But be cautious about your expanses which could be very high during this period. Expenditure on luxuries will be more than required. You will buy a luxurious apartment during this time. Savings will be low and investment will also be low. Expenditure on traveling is also expected.

Marital relation will be at their best during this time. You will spend quality time with your spouse. Full support and love will be there between both of you. Family environment will be harmonious. 2018 and 2019 will be the wonderful years for marital relation.

Purchase of property will be there in this period during September 2018.

Foreign trips will be there during this period. In 2019, maximum trips will happen.

Health will be good in 2018. In 2019, From February to July, the period is not good for health. Many ailments are possible during this time. These ailments are related to liver and stomach which will trouble you during this time. So precaution is required during this time. Proper medical assistance is advisable during this time. In rest of 2019, the health will be average.          

Mercury-mercury (24 Jan 2020 to 20 Jun 2022)

This period will start with good gains from speculation and gambling. You will be invest heavily on shares and get benefited. This full period will bring you interest in gambling and speculation and will bring heavy gains through speculation during this time. Career will be smooth and will have very less problems and issues. The side business will grow with smooth rate.

This period will be good period for money flow. Like previous period, this period will also see much expenditure in luxuries and traveling which needs to be controlled. You have to be precautious while using your credit cards during his time. Your credit cards could be misused during this period and you will have to bear the losses due to this. During February to July 2021, the maximum possibility of this happening is possible.

Marital relation will be average during till August 2020, not big disputes are seen but some disharmony will be there in relations because of misunderstandings. Good relation after this till April 2021. After this till the dasha end, the period will be very good for relation.

Foreign trip will not be there but many domestic trips will happen.

Health will not be in average in 2020 and after that it is good with minor ailments.


Aacharya J.N.Sharma


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