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Horoscope Matching

Dear Abhishek,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Aries

Ascendant lord: Mars

Moon sign: Pisces


Exalted: Jupiter

Own house: None

Combust: None

Debilitated: None

Her basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Virgo

Ascendant lord: Mercury

Moon sign: Sagittarius


Exalted: Mars

Own house: None

Combust: None

Debilitated: None

Detailed analysis of birth charts and other charts of both of you indicates following readings in case of horoscope matching:

Horoscope Matching :

Gun Milan

The gun Milan score is 25 out of 36 which is a good score.

18 is the minimum allowed score. From 21 to 32 is good match. Above 32 will also not be good as the couple will be having almost same attributes.

Thinking Compatibility

The Gana match indicates not a good thinking compatibility between you and her. There is clear indication of mismatch in thoughts, habits and hobbies but it is not very severe.

Level of affection

The level of affection in relationship will be more than average. Both of you will love each other but sometimes due to incompatibility in thoughts, the affection level will become low.


Health of both will remain in good state and No one is short lived. Both of you will have good health. No aristha or anistha yoga found in both the horoscope

Ego level match

Ego level match is good. Both of you does not have much ego and ego clashes will be minimal in the relationship.

Intellectual compatibility

Intellectual compatibility will be excellent. Both of you will have similar level of intellectual capabilities and have good brains which will make the relationship stronger.

Sexual compatibility

Sexual compatibility is more than average.

Increase in wealth

Increase in wealth due to relationship is excellent. Her horoscope will have very good impact on your horoscope which will eventually result in increase in the financial status.

Nadi Dosh

Nadi dosh is not present which indicates that there will not be problem in having progeny.

Manglik dosh

Manglik dosh is not present in both the horoscope


With all above mentioned analysis, we recommend the match. The marriage will be successful and marital life will be harmonious and happy. There are good impacts present in both the horoscope which will benefit the other partner. Nadi dosha and manglik dosha is not present.

We will advise both the partners to be more patient with each other to avoid disputes which will occur sometimes because of the incompatibility in thoughts and habits.

Aacharya C.N.Rao

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