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Current Gemstone retrospection

Current Gemstone:

Respected Sir,

I am currently pursuing my higher studies in US. For getting good focus and concentration in my studies and to get good grades, I have been recommended by an astrologer to wear yellow sapphire. I have been wearing Yellow sapphire from last 4 months, but not getting desired results. Even after wearing, my health gets degraded and from that time I am not feeling energetic and focused about studies. Please advice whether yellow sapphire is the suitable gemstone for me and if it is not then which gemstone I should wear.

Gemstone Retrospection

Dear Anonymous,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Cancer

Ascendant lord: Moon

Moon sign: Leo

Detailed analysis of your horoscope indicates that for getting good results in studies, yellow sapphire is not much helpful for you. In your birth chart, Jupiter is the lord of 6th house (House of enemies and diseases) and 9th house (Lord of luck, dharma) and it is placed in 3 rd house and it is retrograde. Because of this, it is not bringing good results in case of studies for you and even it will not give much help in increasing the overall luck as it is retrograde. Being a lord of 6th house, it will not be good for your health. So it is advisable for you not to wear yellow sapphire for getting good results in studies.

Jupiter is the natural karaka for brain and studies. It may be a reason for the recommendation you got from your astrologer. But in your case, wearing a gemstone of Jupiter i.e. Yellow sapphire is not suitable.

Suitable Gemstone:

You will get good results in studies if you wear red coral. The weight should be between 3-5 carat and you should wear it in gold. You can wear it in the ring finger of right hand on Tuesday. In your chart, Mars is the lord of 5th (house of education) and 10th (house of profession) and it is placed in 11th house. Wearing red coral will be very good for you in case of studies and getting good grades.

Process of wearing:

Choose a flawless gem. Gem should be embedded in the ring in such a way that it should touch your skin.

Wear this on any Tuesday within one hour from sunrise, after dipping it over night in milk and then washing with pure water. Try to choose a day during the bright half of a month. Get the required rituals performed by a learned Brahmin.

We wish that this report will help you to use the gemstones for your benefit and

Best wishes for the future course of your life.

Aacharya J.N.Sharma

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