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Effects of contented / discontented Sun (Surya) 

Go to Main Article of Sun | Spiritual / Mythological shades of Sun or Surya  | Exaltation, debilitation, friends, enemies of Sun | Astrology Remedies for Sun | Professional, medical shades of Sun | Favorites of Surya | Expressions and blessings of Sun in astrology


Effects of  well placed and powerful Sun or Surya in the birth chart

The Supreme glitter of paradise, Sun plays many roles in our lives on account of itís placement in our horoscope chart, where if it carries a good position or is exalted that reflects many colors upon the mortals. The well placed Sun would give the strength to the soul of the person. Sun would give high level of self-esteem and courage. It will give him strength of mind. The person would be having high level of determination and resolve. It would be hard to suppress him. He would have aristocratic in approach. Contented or powerful  Sun reflects the wisdom of the utmost scholar of paradise upon us as bestowing the whole knowledge along with the strong intellect and insight to win over the world. Well placed Sun provides us the strength of mind comprising the peace, patience and persistence of mind besides giving us self believe and courage with firm thoughts along with the strength of physique.

Altogether, Sun while powerful and well placed confers us the entire inner and outer strength to win over the hurdles of life to acquire the success while also bestowing us the kind and gentle attitude towards the surroundings along with a vivid and strong vision towards the world for making us able to differentiate well. In the end, it bestows us all the positive attributes and makes us humane.


Effects of  ill-placed and weak Sun or Surya in the birth chart

The weak and ill placed Sun not only damage the qualities and blessings given by Sun but this weak situation of Sun would make the raj -yogas and dhan yogas made by other planets lesser effective. The divine brilliance of heaven, the weak or ill placed Sun could also bring some negative reflections upon the mortals on account of its ill placement or because of its not being powerful in the horoscope chart. This could come out as enhanced aggression in the attitude besides making him or her harsh towards the world. The person would loose all gentleness for his own self interest. The person would not possess much strength either inside or outside along with a weak vision towards the world making him or her poor at differentiation and judgments. The person with weak sun in his chart could be weak-willed and have lesser self-esteem. He would pretend to be brave but he lack the true courage.  

The weak and ill placed Sun would lead the person towards week financial stature along with many failures in the path on account of his or her weakness. This whole would come along with the restlessness in mind and loss of peace in life of the mortal.


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