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Expression and Blessings of Sun (Surya) 

Go to Main Article of Sun | Spiritual / Mythological shades of Sun or Surya | Effects of contented and discontented Surya | Exaltation, debilitation, friends, enemies of Sun | Astrology Remedies for Sun | Professional, medical shades of Sun | Favorites of Surya |

Expression of sun

In the first view, Sun is the cluster of heat which is perpetual and will glow till eternity and is spreading the warmth around which is fatal while near whereas life giving while farer. On account of this paradisiacal heat, it is believed to be expressing aggression and wrath.

Sun has most significant body for the life on earth. Sun plays the most significant role in the prevailing life upon earth, as life begins with sun everyday besides which it reflects hope and happiness to the mortals of this land for which it expresses the beginning, novelty and optimism. Sun pours the divine light upon land and wipes out the darkness and is believes to bring paradisiacal blessings to mortals along with prosperity and supreme wisdom to triumph the world.

Sun is the most potent celestial body of our solar system who is holding other objects together at one plane and governing over them as the king of sky. In spiritual believes as well Sun has given the uppermost position among the rest. On account of this, Sun is the expression of authority and domination along with paradisiacal invincible strength.

Above all this, it expresses the presence of supreme souls guarding us, nurturing the mortal land and planning far beyond the sky but closest to us.


Blessings of sun  

Lord Sun pours his divine blessings upon us so that we could walk well upon a well paved path in our journey on land. Sun reflects strength of mind along with the potency of physique so that could stand firmly while confronting the hurdles and would win over them.

Sun lightens lives upon this mortal land through bringing hope from new possibilities and opportunities and adorns it with the colors of prosperity and fortune leading towards the high mounts glittering with rewards and acknowledgement leading to success in the path of life.

Sun is the vivid paradisiacal expression of domination on account of which it confers the authority and dominant persona to the natives as bestowing mortals possibilities of standing at high statures with the power of authority and tremendous reputation with reverence in the masses.

In the spiritual believes, Lord Sun has been reminisced as a paradisiacal teacher and a divine explorer of wisdom and true knowledge of life for which he bestows supreme wisdom and intellect upon the natives of this mortal land.






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