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“Divine glow of paradise…. Exploring in the sky…. Falling upon the land….”

Sun is the most important factor for the life on our planet and so on in the study of astrology, which is quiet enough to express the potency and supreme significance of the Lord Sun among this whole creation of almighty which could be further expressed by his being the king of Sky, ruling over all other celestial bodies.

Surya (sun) : Astronomy

Sun or Surya is actually a star at the center of our solar system which is the source of energy for all the planet of the solar system. It is about 4.6 billion year old. Every planet including earth and other objects (asteroids, comets and meteoroids) orbit around the sun. The mass of the it is 99% of the total solar system mass. The mean diameter of sun is 1.4 x 109 meters. It is 93.2 million miles away from earth. Light takes approximately 8 minutes to reach to the earth. It consist of hot gases, mostly hydrogen and Helium. For life on earth, the surya is most necessary. Without it, life on earth could not exist. Energy from it supports the all forms of life which exist on earth. It is a driving force behind the climate and weather found on earth.

Astrology of Sun or Surya : Importance of Sun in horoscope

Sun is the one of the most dominating celestial body of sky which effects the lives of the natives of earth on account of its revolution around the sun which results in different positions of earth in the solar system.

as per vedic Jyotish, On account of the movements of earth around the sun, it travels through all the zodiacs as spending one month in each for completing his cycle in one year besides ruling in Leo and exalted in Aries, while debilitated in Libra. In the words of astrological believes, Surya is the loyal friend of planet Mercury, mars, Jupiter and Moon while planet Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are his enemies in the rashi or other charts. As a vivid result of this, Sun bestows benefits to the signs of friends while confer hurdles for enemies.

The Sun plays a very important role in astrology. It is one of the three ascendants in the birth chart. A well placed and powerful Sun is very much required in a vedic horoscope to give the full results of raj - yogas and dhan yogas formed by other planets or by Sun. If this planet is not well placed in rashi chart houses and powerful in a horoscope, the results of benefic yogas are reduced. Especially for the natives of Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius ascendant, the good placement and power and dignity of Sun is very important in a vedic kundali. For doing the deep study of a horoscope, often apart from the rashi or ascendant chart, sun chart is also considered. Sun or surya chart would be made by taking the sun as ascendant in the rashi chakra and redrawing the rashi chart accordingly. If the rashi chart indicates that a particular aspects would be in bad state because of planetary combination in rashi chart then moon and sun chart are also considered. If that aspect is bad in the other two charts then the bad effect will be to the highest extent. If that particular aspect is good in other two charts then there would be some balance and not much harmful effects would be felt

Presence of powerful and well placed sun in rashi chart of kundali is believed to be bringing dominance, authority, power, morals, high birth, affluence and prosperity if its shinning upon the native but sometimes , it could also bring over-aggression, hasty decision and over-confidence leading towards hurdles in the path.

Sun plays a major role in the amendment of person’s personality and inner self which at whole makes a person. For simple explanation, if Surya is not well placed in rahsi chart, it brings pessimism, lack of life, mental instability, fluctuations of thoughts, mental crises, loss of self believe accompanied by mental and physical weakness leading towards the failure in life. Besides this, an afflicted position of Sun in vedic kundali could also bring aggression, arrogance and desperation leading towards the loss and harm.

Sun expresses our inner self and ideality in vedic astrology as it explores our inner colors and so on governs over our atma or soul and all of our doings besides governing over uniqueness of each for making everyone different. In the words of astrology, sun impacts over our strength of atma or soul and vision towards the world outside which are the two significant aspects for developing a persona which shows the shades of inner our essence.

On the other hand, in Vedic astrology, Surya also explores the position and strength of physical body along with the height, complexion, eyes and features of a person for Sun being the expression of potency and domination. On account of this, it confers good height, sharp features, fair complexion, good eye-sight, strength of mind and body, creativity, health to his favorite natives and makes their lives worthy. Sun also expresses the dreams and desires of the person and whatever he aspires for in his or her life. It impacts the interests and inclinations of the person in different directions.

Other added aspects comprise the creative side of a person as this planet governs over the vision and thoughts of the person along with the expression of children and parenthood. It also explores the way of living specially about the fun in life including sport, holidays and events. Altogether it articulates that Sun makes a person through governing over the aspects of personality of the mortals.

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