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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. For readings, Your birth details are required.    


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Strengths of Sun (Surya) 

Go to Main Article of Sun | Spiritual / Mythological shades of Sun or Surya | Effects of contented and discontented Surya | Astrology Remedies for Sun | Professional, medical shades of Sun | Favorites of Surya | Expressions and blessings of Sun in astrology

Strength or dignity of Sun in a horoscope- Exalted, Moola Trikona, swasthana or swagrahi, debilitated 

Sun carries different dignities or strengths in our horoscopes on account of its placements in different zodiacs as leaving different impacts upon us.

v      Best position of Sun –Exalted -  Uccha

In the well establish words of astrology, Sun is believed to be most powerful and effective in Aries. The exaltation or uccha dignity of Sun begins with zero degree of Aries and goes up to 10 degree. At 10 degree, Sun is in highest exaltation state. After 10 degree, it leaves the exalted state and come to the mool trikona which is the second best state. The exalted sun would give the native fearless nature and strong will-power. The person would be highly ambitious and possess good leadership qualities. He would attain high laurels in life and would be highly successful because of exalted Sun or Surya in his horoscope.


v      Second Best position of Sun – Moola Trikona

The second best state or dignity of Sun is known as “Moola Trikona” which starts from 11 degree to 30 degree in Aries followed by zero to 20 degree in Leo. Moola trikona is the second best state of Sun. It would make the native full of action. The person would be full of new plans and activities and would be ambitious. He would be having independent nature and would attain a high status in life.


v      Good position of Sun – Own House- Swasthana

Sun comes in the enclosure of its medium dominance and effect upon the mortal lives when it comes at 21 degree in Leo which goes till 30 degree in the same zodiac. This position of Sun is called as own house or  “Swasthana”. When Sun is in swasthana, it increases all the qualities of the house in which it is placed. For example, the Sun is in 9th house of Luck , it will increase the support of luck to the person and make the person religious. 


v      Poor position of Sun – Debilitation-  Neecha

Sun is believed to in it’s poor state or debilitation as reflecting negative impacts upon the lives of humans in Libra starting from zero degree to 10 degree. At 10 degrees in Libra, Sun is in the  deepest debilitation as to be at it’s worst placement. Here it lacks all of his strength and power and so on called as “Neecha”. The debilitated Sun or Surya cause many difficulties in the life of humans.

The debilitated Sun would not give good result even if it is placed in any good house. The person would lack the power of body as well as of brain. The person would have problems in eye-sight. The person with debilitated Sun would lack the will -power and would not stand against the real strong opposition.

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