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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most accurate.

Muhurtha ( Muhurat ) Astrology

Muhurtha or Muhurat Report

Muhurtha is a time most auspicious for an occasion or commencement of an activity. It is the time when if someone start an activity then that activity will be executed in a smooth manner and the outcome or results will be positive. However, the results of the activity also depend on individual’s overall luck.

From thousands of year, people are using this system of muhurtha or muhurat to know the most auspicious day and auspicious time for an activity to start.

Muhurtha or muhurat could be chosen for the activities such as:

· Starting new business
· Legal case
· Greh pravesh or Griha pravesh (moving to a new home)
· Purchase of new vehicle
· Foreign travel
· Marriage
· Religious Event
· Interview/Presentation to a client
· Making new investment
· Swearing in for any post
· Change of Job
· Any aggressive activity to harm the foe like hostile bid to take over the business
· Construction

Know the auspicious day and right time to do important from our renowned panel of astrologers. Place the order for muhurta astrology report with stating the event and the time frame which suits you. We will tell you the best muhurat which comes in that time frame and if not then in the nearest time frame.

Muhurtha or Muhurtham Report

This report is prepared by our celebrity astrologers after detailed analysis of nakshtra's and planetary positions at the time you planned the activity. We will provide the suitable muhurtha in the time frame provided by you.

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