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Rahu Mahadasha -Mercury Antardasha | Rahu - Mercury Dasha | Rahu- Budh period or Bhukti

The planet Mercury or Budh being a benefic planet would pacify some of the adverse effects of Rahu from the native's life and would bring somewhat betterment in their lives. Here the Rahu would bring problems in the path of the native while the Mercury would show him/her the way to emerge out unwounded. Besides this, as the domination of Rahu would prevail for its beings in Rahu Mahadasha, Mercury in it's antardasha would be able to wipe out the negativity to a extent only. So on we won't call it a balanced combination but will call it as a better one.

The person in Rahu-Mercury dasha or bhukti would emerge as more intellectual in this period and would become more sincere & careful than before due to the presence of Mercury and this would help him/her to safely jump over many hurdles. Besides this, the health of the native would also improve and there would be some peace at mind. This period would also bring some positive development in closed relations.

The native in Rahu-Mercury dasha or bhukti would see some growth in his/her financial stature besides which the person would enjoy comforts and luxuries. There would a development in his social stature and dominance of personality as he/she would attain respect and admiration and they would receive the support of governmental arenas. Besides this, his/her treasury of materialistic wealth would also increase

On the other part, the impact of Rahu would lead the person towards some evil and immoral deeds though the planet Mercury won't let it go towards much extent. These would include disrespecting divine presence and affronting spirituality and related arenas, habit of lying, unwanted and unreasonable quarrels besides which there could be fear from government, thieves and snakes in this bhukti of Rahu-Budh

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