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Effects of well placed and powerful Mercury or Budh in the birth chart

Mercury is the planet of wisdom and intellect for which when it is well placed it bestows the person with supreme knowledge and intelligence. The Mercury people are perceived to possess a clear and sharp vision towards different aspects and possess a good analyzing power along with mind of logics when placed good. Altogether, they are strong at mind and understanding.

A well placed Mercury makes the person inclined towards fantasies with a power of imagination besides making him or her creative in attitude. On account of this, most of individuals having well placed Mercury are found indulge in the sectors of art and creativity and those requiring high intellect and wisdom.

A well placed Mercury being dominating over the relationships, surrounds the native with good and strong relations and provides him a strong effective expressive tongue which encloses him or her in a positive social confinement on account of being the ruler of communication upon land.

Mercury bestows the natives a strong charm to attract the surroundings along with the strength of eloquence which makes them appealing to the outside world. Few more things which comes with a well placed Mercury are good adaptable attitude, natural proficiency in multiple languages, sharp intellect for business and ability to do many things at a time.

Effects of ill-placed and weak Mercury or Budh in the birth chart

Planet Mercury being neutral and adaptable in nature easily changes its impact depending upon the surroundings and so on acquires malefic reflection when placed near to such planets in the horoscope chart.

An ill placed Mercury results in weak intellect along with unstable mind to the state of neurotic anxiety. It leaves the person in high restlessness with the bunch of unstable emotions making him or her unable to find out the right direction to walk towards. This badly effects the mental development of the person.

The power of eloquence of Mercury could turn people towards betraying those around them when it is placed in evil surroundings. On the other hand, it could also make the person harsh at tongue depending upon it’s placement. Here the positive reflecting planet could become negative for the native.

Altogether, it could bring some problems like, insomnia, constipation, respiratory problems, immaturity and emotional insecurities when not placed well in the horoscope chart.

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