Career by Mercury or Budh, diseases because of Mercury by - professions, health and medical impacts of Mercury or budh

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Professional or career Fields of Mercury

As planet Mercury governs over many segments of lives upon earth, it also comprises the segment of career and profession as it makes the native inclined towards these directions and takes him or her towards the success.

Those directions encloses writers, educational sectors, creative professions, traders, research, mathematicians, astrology, communication sectors, editing, computers, science and medicine, engineering, businessmen, sculptors, etc.

Medical, health shades of Mercury, diseases caused by ill placed Budh

Planet Mercury impacts upon some of the health issues of human beings and plays a major role in them as a good placement of the planet makes these segments of health stay good and a poor placement of the planet results in the poor state of these.

This includes nervous system at the highest level as the planet Mercury governs highly over the mental setup of the person which also includes brain here along with respiratory system, thyroid and all sense organs. A poor placement of Mercury is believed to cause disturbed mental state of the person. The ill-placed budh may cause nervousness, sciatica, mental disorders, diarrhea, ulcers, warts, moles.

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