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“The divine flow of wisdom…. From the heaven…. Towards the land…"

Mercury is one of the four benefic planets in Astrology and represent wisdom, computation, trading, speculations, humor, youth, calculation, language, communication, oratory and diplomacy.

Mercury (Budha) : Astronomy

Budha or Mercury is the closest planet to sun and it is the smallest in the solar system. The radius of mercury is 2440 km which is equivalent to 40% of the radius of Earth. The average distance of it from the Sun is around 36.2 km. The planet has no natural satellite and no atmosphere. It's density is second highest in the solar system at 5.4gm/cm3 only after the planet Earth. It takes 87.9 days to orbit around the Sun and 59.2 days to rotate on its axis.

From the surface of Mercury, Sun would appear two and half times bigger than what it appears from the Earth. The surface of this planet is full of craters and rocky and it consists great amount of iron core .The surface temperature of it varies from (-181 to 430 degree Celsius).

Astrology of Mercury or Budh : Importance of Mercury in horoscope

Mercury is one of the potent celestial bodies which are leaving their impacts upon the lives on earth on account of it's placements in different houses of birth chart. It is one of the 4 planets which are considered natural benefic in Vedic astrology. It confers gains on the native due to it's good placement and high dignity, the gains would be very fast and the native could reach to a high status in a very less time.

Mercury is the fastest planet of the solar system as it completes its circle in the shortest time period of 88days which makes it precedes the sun sometimes and sometimes follow it. On account of this, it resides in each zodiac for a very lesser period of time ( approx. 7 days). As a result of it’s swiftness, it has been regarded as the messenger of deities of heaven in variant mythologies and folk believes.

Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs. It is only planets in astrology which is exalted in it's own sign. It is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces. Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Sun is friend of it while Mars and Jupiter are neutral towards it. Moon is the enemy of Mercury.

Mercury is a planet of quick-wits and intellect. The person with a well placed mercury in their horoscope would be having good intellect and sharp brain. It would make the native soft -spoken and well natured. It provide very good sense of humor. The budh governed person could make people laugh and make the environment light and pleasing. This planet provides the person with good computation skills and the person could be good in areas related to numbers and logic like software, accounts and finance. The person would be having very good memory.

Mercury governs the language and oratory part of the personality. the people with strong Budh would love to talk and would be having good command over language and their presentation skills would be very good. The convincing skills and diplomatic powers are also provided by It. the person with strong mercury would also give good intuition powers. The person could be good in speculations.

This planet give high energy level to natives and person would like to be surrounded by the activities, events and people. The Budh persons would be full of new thoughts and ideas. They would not like to take the conventional ways and would love to invent a new path. Well placed mercury provides creativity. It makes the person good in arts, singing , acting and other creative areas

The person with strong mercury would be hasty in nature and would get bored very quickly. They have low level of patience and persistence. They could get stick to one task or situation for a long period of time. In personal relationships, They are not very much attached to the people like cancer or Leo natives. These people are fun-loving and wants to life to the fullest.

The powerful and well placed mercury or budh gives immense wealth, fame and popularity. It’s placement in kendras (1st , 4th, 7th and 10th house) and trikonas (1st, 5th ,9th house ) are generally very auspicious. There are much auspicious yogas which are formed by a well placed and powerful budh. A powerful mercury placed in a good house could bring all the worldly pleasure like wealth, happiness, vehicles, property, high designation in profession and good business. Apart from the professional things. The person will look younger than their age. The person would posses a charm and would impress everybody around him.

On the other side, the ill placement of Mercury in the horoscope forms many ill-yogas provides lack of good communication skills followed by a tough path of life comprising many failures. The person would be having lesser computation skills. He would be weak in mathematics and calculations. He could be much hasty and would not have very less patience. The person could be a big flirt and would not value the relationships. The person would have a habit of arguing on worthless subjects and may annoy people.

The person would lack the sense of humor. He would be having lesser gains through investments. The person would not be good in trading and business and would have much profits from speculations. The person could have lesser intellect. The person may lack charm. The person may lack aptitude towards arts. The person would lack creativity.

The zodiac in which mercury is placed in a horoscope is the mercury sign of the person. Mercury sign decides the dignity of this planet in the horoscope. In Human Body, it rules the nervous system, solar plexus, bowels, arms, mouth, tongue, eyesight and ears. The ill-placed budh may cause nervousness, sciatica, mental disorders, diarrhea, ulcers, warts, moles.

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