Mercury or Budh exalted, debilitated, own house, moola trikona by - uccha, neecha, swagrahi Mercury or Budh

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Strength or dignity of Mercury in a horoscope- Exalted, Moola Trikona, swasthana or swagrahi, debilitated

Mercury carries different dignities or strengths in our horoscopes on account of its placements in different zodiacs as leaving different impacts upon us.

Best position of Mercury –Exalted - Uccha

Mercury reaches its highest effective position which is called it's exalted or uccha postion when it is at 15 degrees in Virgo as starting its exaltation from zero degree and growing towards till 15degress for deep exaltation in the same zodiac.The highest level of exaltion is on 15 degrees.

Here it’s gives most of the benefic effects to the person for leading him towards successful and satisfying life as depending also upon the placement of mercury in the horoscope chart. Exalted mercury in general make a person charming in personality and quick witted. The person would be having high convincing skills and would be able to lead the people by using convincing and diplomatic skills. The sense of humor would be of high level. The person would have high gains from speculations, betting and stock market. The person would possess great eloquence and may be having very good singing skills, high level of oratory and marketing skills. The person would be having high level of entrepreneur aptitude in him.

Second Best position of Mercury – Moola Trikona

Mercury is in the second best position which is called it's mool-trikona state when it is in the enclosure of 16 degrees to 20 degrees in Virgo. Here is possess second best dominant position and is perceived to be benefic at most of the times. Here Mercury bestows very satisfying impacts upon the native and leads his or her life towards a prosperous and successful picture. This kind of mercury bestows the person with very good trading skills. The person could be very good in business. The person would have a large group of friends who gives him good amount of support. The person would have good amount of charm in him.

Good position of Mercury – Own House- Swasthana

The planet Mercury remains at the normal domination and in the neutral form when it comes in between the 21 degrees to 30 degrees in Virgo and further extended to the whole of Gemini from zero to 30 degrees. This position of Mercury is called as own house or “Swasthana”. When Mercury is in swasthana, it increases all the qualities of the house in which it is placed. For example, if the Mercury is in 11th house of gains, it gives high level of affluence and gains from investments and profession.

Poor position of Mercury – Debilitation- Neecha

The planet Mercury remains at the bad state when it comes in between the 15 degrees to 20 degrees in Pisces. It is in deepest debilitation in 20 degree. Here it lacks all of his strength and power and so on called as “Neecha”. The debilitated Mercury or Budh cause many difficulties in the life of humans.

The debilitated Mercury would not give good result even if it is placed in any good house. If this mercury is placed in any good house, it would destroy the good results of that house. The person would be prone to unnecessary tensions and worries. He would be lacking resolve and will power. He would be poor and would face many difficulties in earning.

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