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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. For readings, Your birth details are required.    


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Know all about ruby


The section covers Identification of a ruby, properties, care, cleansing and rituals of wearing a Ruby




Importance of Gemstones as Described in Vedic scriptures and Puranas as a vedic remedy


Importance of Gemstones Nine most important Gemstones and planets | Ruby | Pearl | Red Coral | Green Emerald | Yellow Sapphire | Diamond | Blue Sapphire | Hessonite | Cat's eye

The almighty was aware of all the hurdles his children will be confronting on his mortal land and for this the divine benevolent soul created some structures of his blessings and left them on the same land. Gemstones are the divine favor of the supreme souls emerged with the paradisiacal glow along with the potent energies of deities reflecting on human beings for defending them and the betterment of their lives. These gemstones are considered very important in Vedic astrology as a Vedic remedy for removing the ill-impacts caused by planets.

The presence of these heavenly stones are believed to be existed from ancient times as these have been the essential part of lives of sages and saints since ages or could be articulated as from thousands of years. It has been a part of deep study and research in our scientific sectors involving many scholars on account of amazing potencies of some gems and the study of this inexplicable portrait is still on walk with some left over evidences like Agnipuranas and few other scriptures comprising the description of potent gems. It has been mentioned in doctrines with the significant glow and have been perceived to be existed much before the times of creation. It is further get more established as it has been said in these sacred words as :


These pure words of Sanskrit explores the relation of the supreme creator, the Lord Vishnu with the Gemstones. It says about the favorite gem of the Lord Vishnu that is Kaustubha Mani, which the almighty is wearing since not known time on his chest. On other side, this sacred writings expresses the existence of these paradisiacal stones from the very beginning of the whole. One of the most rewarded and recognized writing exploring the presence and significance of gems on land is expressed by Acharya Varahmibir in his word of “Vrihat Samhita”. But it does not ends here, many scholars are still implicated in the depth of this ocean to find out more hidden colors to give more strength to the mount of ‘Science of Gemology’.



Yellow Sapphire


Get the Comprehensive information about Yellow Sapphire 


Yellow sapphire is the gem proposed for Jupiter which the largest and heaviest planet among....




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Blue Sapphire


All about blue sapphire


Know how to identify the pure blue sapphire, method of wearing, care, suitable finger, day, metal,  properties, Astrological importance, planet

Cleansing and everything

else about

Blue sapphires





Gemstones and Impacts

Planets and impacts

Foreign Baby Names

Indian Baby Names

Kaal Sarp Dosh

Manglik Dosha

Dhan Yogas


Sadhe Sati

Raj Yogas






The comprehensive section

Explains every important

aspects of this

Coveted Gemstone





The section covers

all about Pearl, the

Gemstone for Moon



Green Emerald



The  section

elaborates all about this green Gemstone





The section covers

all about Hessonite, the

Gemstone for Rahu



Red Coral


The section covers

all about red coral, the

Gemstone for Mars




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