Blue sapphire gemstones and Neelam gems beads - identification, properties and ritual for wearing Blue sapphire rings, pendants, jewelry and earrings

We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most accurate.

Blue sapphire or Neelam is the gemstone meant for Saturn, who is the attendant in our solar system. As it has been revealed in one of the Hindu scripture “Linga Puran”, Saturn evolved out from the exuberant lump of light of Lord Rudra but it possess a different picture in the sacred Hindu writing “markendaya Purana”, which says that Saturn was born to Chhaya, the wife of the Lord Sun. On account of his being very slow at speed he is also named as ‘Shaneshchar’, disclosing the slow mover. In the treasures of Indian astrology Saturn has been considered as an Malefic possession, spreading negative impacts but it always deserts with positive colors. As it’s true that its compels the native in catastrophe and calamities but this truth has an another face as well which ultimately leads the person towards the safe hill. He is the most potent planet and could be portrait as the vanquisher. He is the emperor of the Zodiacs Capricorn and Aquarius. It rules in the west direction.

It is the gem of Kurundan family which has been evolved in blue, sky blue, pink and brinjal colours. It has been fabricated out as an compound of aluminum and oxygen with a slight blend of cobalt which gives it blue reflection. The natives of Ceylon are the best of blue sapphire’s, emerging out as deep light colored and transparent. There siblings could also be seen in Thailand and Australia.

Blue sapphire gemstone or Neelam is the most potent gem and proves its governance over the native very soon. Neelam could compel the person towards the heights and could also snatch his or her heals deserting him or her into the darkness of gloom. Blue sapphire could bestow the person with the true picture of his or her dreams and desires and could wipe out the hurdles of health, faults, misery, poverty and could accomplish the individual with affluence, longevity, contentment, prosperity, strength, glory and other positive rays. Blue sapphire or Neelam is believed on and have been preached by Buddhist Monks to eliminate the negative rays in guise of evil impacts of Saturn from the life of a person and awarding the native with the strong tranquility of mind. This could also turn your losses back to you in the shape of gains and could make a barren women fertile. This also leads the person towards strong morals of life.

Blue sapphire or Neelam gems could be worn in many forms like earrings, rings, necklace and pendants. But to have astrological benefits, it is more recommended to wear it in form of ring or pendant. It could be worn in the form of earring or necklace but astrologically it is lesser recommended.

But being the gem of Saturn, it also holds an another face which could impact adversely on the native leaving him or her in the murkiness of negative clouds with the torn out scraps of the picture in hands. To stay away from this negative reflection, it is suggested to have a strong consultation test before finally wearing it.

Sometimes, it notifies the need to alter or remove the gem of the native through eradicating its color or producing a crack.

In general vision, it is advocated to be functional to the transporters, property dealers, contractors, mill owners, dealers of machines, laborers, hawkers, policemen, local self government employees and financers.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone for various Zodiac Signs

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Aries

The Aries natives are ruled by planet Mars who shares a inimical relationship with the planet Saturn who is the ruler of Blue Sapphire for which there is no good relations in between the Aries and Blue Sapphire. The planet Saturn is not a benefic planet for Aries people in general but if the planet Saturn gets placed in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house then, the Blue Sapphire could be worn for acquiring benefits in the major periods of Saturn.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Taurus

The ascendant Taurus is ruled by planet Venus who shares a pleasing relation with the ruling planet Saturn of Blue Sapphire gemstone for which, this gemstone appears to be positive for the Taurus natives. The Blue Sapphire Gemstone would bring happiness & prosperity along with growth of affluence & profession to the Taurus natives. He/she would also get blessed with the favors from Government. It would be much beneficial to wear during the period of Saturn and would be exceedingly positive to wear it with the Diamond.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Gemini

The Gemini ascendants share a friendly relationship with the planet Saturn of Blue Sapphire gemstone besides which Saturn rules the ninth house of Saturn people and so on it is believed to be a pleasant planet for the Gemini ascendants. Wearing Blue Sapphire during the Saturn period will also be beneficial for the natives but they should consult once as other planetary placements also affects.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Cancer

The Cancer ascendants are ruled by Moon who shares a inimical relationship with the planet Saturn , the lord of Blue Sapphire gemstone besides which here, Saturn rules over the seventh and eighth house but the 8th houses are inauspicious places and 7th house expresses the maraka for native for which the combination of Cancer and Blue Sapphire would not be a pleasing one. For the same reasons, the natives of this placement should never wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Leo

The Lord of Leo zodiacs do not share a pleasant relationship with the planet Saturn besides which in Leo ascendants, Saturn rules over the 6th and 7th houses in which 6th and 7th houses are perceived to be the expressions of adverse aspects of native’s life besides which 7th house is believed to be the maraka. For these reasons, Blue Sapphire is not believed to be good for Leo natives and they should never wear it.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Virgo

The lord of Virgo ascendant and Saturn, lord of Blue sapphire gemstone shares an average relationship besides which Saturn rules over the 5th & 6th house in Virgo ascendants and here it is an average presence for which Saturn and its gemstone Blue Sapphire is not completely inauspicious for Virgo natives. They can wear it during the major periods of Saturn.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Libra

The Lord of Libra ascendant shares a friendly relation with the planet Saturn, lord of Blue sapphire gems besides which here, Saturn rules over the 4th and 5th house of the horoscope chart which appears to be an auspicious combination. This would bestow the native with benefic impacts and blessings of Saturn while wearing the gem of Saturn that is Blue Sapphire would be more beneficial to the person. The person would receive more benefits if would wear it along with the diamond which the gemstone of Venus and Emerald, the gemstone of Mercury.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Scorpio

The relationship between the Lord of Scorpio, Mars and Saturn, Lord of Blue Sapphire is perceived to be an average relation besides which Saturn rules the 3rd and 4th house in the Scorpio Ascendants. In this combination, Blue Sapphire should be worn only when Saturn is placed in 5th, 9th, 10th or in Saturn’s sign as it would be only beneficial then, otherwise its better to be avoided.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Sagittarius

The Lord of Sagittarius that is planet Jupiter is the natural enemy of Saturn besides which here, Saturn rules over the Second house which becomes a death inflicting house in this placement and over the third house. These people for the above reasons, should not wear blue sapphire and it should be worn only if the Saturn is placed in the Ascendant.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Capricorn

Saturn is lord of Capricorn ascendant and blue sapphire is its gemstone for which it is truly beneficial for these natives. These natives would get protected and would receive strong charm through this gem and it will bestow them with all the goodness in life as in with health, prosperity, wealth, happiness, success and long life. It will be more pleasing if would be worn along with Diamond, the gemstone of Venus.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Aquarius

The Blue sapphire being the gemstone of the ruler of Aquarius is believed to be strongly positive for the Aquarius ascendants. Wearing blue sapphire would bring them most of the pleasing impacts along with good affluence & prosperity, happiness and true growth of the person. The natives would stand potent and high if they would adopt the gem of Saturn along with Venus that is Diamond.

Blue Sapphire Gemstones or Neelam for Pisces

The lord of Pisces ascendant that is Jupiter and Saturn are natural enemies besides which here, Saturn rules over the 11th & 12th houses for which Saturn becomes inauspicious for Pisces ascendants. In general, Pisces natives should avoid Blue Sapphires but if Saturn gets placed in its own sign or in 11th house or in the ascendant the, it could be worn in the major periods of Saturn for attaining some benefits.

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