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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most ancient and most accurate. For readings, Your birth details are required.    


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Know all about ruby


The section covers Identification of a ruby, properties, care, cleansing and rituals of wearing a Ruby




Nine most important Gemstones and planets


Importance of Gemstones Nine most important Gemstones and planets | Ruby | Pearl | Red Coral | Green Emerald | Yellow Sapphire | Diamond | Blue Sapphire | Hessonite | Cat's eye

Nine most important Gemstones and planets

These glittering stones acquires a enormous enclosure of eighty four gemstones as articulated from ages, are spread all over the land along with their vast portrait of differences in attitudes and potencies with a major discriminating aspect of color or combination of colors. In this height of different gems, nine gemstones are placed on the uppermost nine steps of the ladder, perceived as the most significant nine gemstones reminisced as ‘Navratna’, the most precious gems while the others possessing their own significance and worth are also not to be ignored but are comparatively low priced and are part of different aspects of our lives. These gems are generally priced upon their beauty, brilliance and purity.


Coming back to the picture of nine potent gems, the essential aspects of Astrology, they are perceived to be the divine symbol of deities, bestowing their blessings along with the defending energies of different planets. They are assumed to be one of the strongest way of purification of soul, happy and successful life and salvation in the end. All the mortals are believed to be attached with the sins of their previous and present births and these divine stones makes us unconfined from them. These potent structures defends us from the malefic effects of planets as described through our horoscopes on account of possessing dominant energies of their ruling planets as these are generally prescribed for protection from the effects of malefic planets. Further adding to this mystical story, these stones also cures many diseases and prevent us from evil impacts.

The prescribed stones to different zodiac signs are:

Sun rules Leo, Gem = Ruby
Moon rules Cancer, Gem=Pearl
Mars is the ruler of Both Aries and Scorpio (Red color) = Red Coral
Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo (Green) = Green Emerald
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces (golden yellow) = Yellow Sapphire
Venus rules Taurus and Libra (Shining White) = Diamond
Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius (dark Blue or Black) = Blue sapphire
Rahu (Cow dung) & Ketu (Grayish) have no ruler-ship. Hessonite and Cats -Eye

It is also important to wear these potent stones on specific fingers as prescribed like:

Index = Jupiter
Middle = Saturn and Rahu
Ring finger = Sun, Moon, Mars
Little finger = Venus and Mercury, and Ketu


Yellow Sapphire


Get the Comprehensive information about Yellow Sapphire 


Yellow sapphire is the gem proposed for Jupiter which the largest and heaviest planet among....




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Blue Sapphire


All about blue sapphire


Know how to identify the pure blue sapphire, method of wearing, care, suitable finger, day, metal,  properties, Astrological importance, planet

Cleansing and everything

else about

Blue sapphires





Gemstones and Impacts

Planets and impacts

Foreign Baby Names

Indian Baby Names

Kaal Sarp Dosh

Manglik Dosha

Dhan Yogas


Sadhe Sati

Raj Yogas






The comprehensive section

Explains every important

aspects of this

Coveted Gemstone





The section covers

all about Pearl, the

Gemstone for Moon



Green Emerald



The  section

elaborates all about this green Gemstone





The section covers

all about Hessonite, the

Gemstone for Rahu



Red Coral


The section covers

all about red coral, the

Gemstone for Mars




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