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Pearl Gemstone or Moti

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Identification and properties of a pure Pearl | Care, Cleansing and Ritual for wearing Pearl


pearl gemstone

The planet Moon glitters through its pearl gemstone on the shores on land. Moon is the symbol of love and beauty in universe spreading around peace and life in the heart of earth. In the prevailing beliefs of Hindu religion, Moon is the deity of water and governs over the variant reflections of streams and tides. The sphere of Moon is endowed with rainwater which rules the essence of green sheet wrapping the nature. The planet is the manifestation of mother shielding true life. The sub planet acquires the illumination from Sun to scatter it further on earth. The Pearl gem directs the same illumination towards the people on Earth. 

The pearl gemstone or moti shines in the white color of Moon exploring the softness, wise and scholarly attitude of the planet. The planet possesses the lumps of positive elements in abundance under its confinements emitting the radiations of peace of mind, comfort, general well being and fortune towards the native. In chemical expressions pearl or moti is a sort of calcium carbonate.

The pearls are found in many different shades of colors evolved from the trivial rain drop into a precious beauty of nature. Fall of rain drop into pearl oyster during Swati Nakshatra comes out in the shape of pearls attacking our eyes with its beauty. This beauty and inclination towards pearls have resulted in the portrait exploring scientists producing cultured pearls which comprise a technique in which similar rain drop during the Swati Nakashtra are infused into the sea shells which in layer after layer of nacre, cover them with coral substance. These are clones of real pearls or moti born out of same shells which leave them without any difference with the natural. Science has come out with higher production of pearls through culture technique serving the purpose of society, resulted in lowering the price of pearls.

In the sound of astrology, Moon governs the human mind with firmness and serenity by strengthening the flow in heart. The Pearl gem pacifies the path of the native through its radiations of royal kindness, blessing from parents, family pleasure and wealth with the dominating effect of harmony. The Pearls gems also grant its beauty of creative power to the native. The pearl gemstone defends from abdominal diseases, increases intelligence and learning capacity. It works for the people possessing health hurdles of eyes, throat, heart, urine, hydrosol, cough, scarcity of calcium, disease pertaining to female sex, indigestion, tiredness, general disease and physical weakness. It is believed to be beneficial for child if his or her mother bought him or her pearl. Pearls brings shine in the life of everyone lightens the life with its reflection.

Pearl gems or moti could be worn in many forms like earrings, rings, necklace and pendants. But to have astrological benefits, it is more recommended to wear it in form of ring or pendant. It could be worn in the form of earring or necklace but astrologically it is lesser recommended.

Most effective pearls could be predicted by some features like Moonlike shining white color, perfectly round, globular shape and size, compactness, luster, soft touch and view, eye catching reflection, spotlessness and free from blemishes and impurities.

Flaws in the pearl gemstone beads could be envisaged through cracks or ridges which could be injurious to health, wavy thin line on the surface brings misfortune, dents bring loss of wealth and a mole like formation could bring sadness and disease.

Pearl Gemstone for various Zodiac Signs

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Aries

The lord of Aries that is planet Mars shares a friendly relation with the Moon of Pearl besides which here, it rules over the 4th house of these natives which altogether makes a positive combination and makes pearl positive for Aries people. Pearl would provide them peace of mind, happiness and success in life along with good affluence & property. These positive impacts would enhance further in the major & minor periods of Moon and would give supreme result if worn along with Red Coral.

Pearl Gemstone or Moti for Taurus

The ascendant Taurus is ruled by planet Venus who doesn’t share a very pleasing relation with Moon while on the other hand here, Moon rules over the 3rd house which also indicates a bitter relation in between for which these natives should stay away from Pearls. However, they could wear pearl in the major period of Moon if it gets placed over the 3rd house in the horoscope chart of the native.

Pearls Gemstone or Moti for Gemini

The lord of Gemini ascendants that is Mercury doesn’t shares a very pleasing relationship with Moon besides which here, Moon rules over the 2nd house of Gemini natives which makes an inauspicious combination for which pearl won’t bring any positive impacts for Gemini people in general but the ill placement of Moon could be solved by the adoption of pearl for the betterment of finances while on the other hand, if Moon gets placed over its own sign, 11th, 9th, 10th and 12th house then, Pearl could be worn in major period for positive impacts.

Pearl Gemstones or Motifor Cancer

The lord of Cancer ascendant that is Moon, is the only ruler of Pearl and so on it develops a very vivid positive relation in between and Cancer natives could attain most of benefits from the adoption of Pear for the whole life. Pearl will bestow them great health and longevity and will make life stable with peace and wealth.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Leo

The Lord of Leo that is Sun and Moon of pearl share a friendly relation in between but Moon rules over the 12th house of Leo natives which  doesn’t makes a auspicious combination. For the same reasons, Leo ascendants are always advised to stay away from pearls or should only wear it in major period if Moon gets placed over the 12th house.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Virgo

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon shares a pleasing bond with the Mercury of Virgo besides which here, Moon rules over the 11th house of Virgo ascendants which altogether develops a positive combination. Pearl would bring great financial benefits and professional & social growth if worn in the major period of Moon. Besides this, if Moon gets placed in Taurus zodiac of Virgo natives, it would be truly beneficial to worn always and would bestow success in ventures, peace of mind, prosperity and comfort in life.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Libra

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon doesn’t shares a very pleasing relation with the Venus of Libra natives besides which Moon rules over the 10th house of Libra natives. This altogether develops an average relation in between for which wearing pearl would bring goodness of position & respect in the professional as well as social enclosure. Besides this, wearing pearl if the Moon would get placed in the 10th house would bring great affluence to the native. Major period of Moon would bring most effective impacts from pearl.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Scorpio

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon shares a pleasing relationship with the planet Mars of Scorpio natives besides which, it rules over the ninth house of Scorpio people which altogether develops a positive relations in between. For this, adoption of Pearl would be truly positive for Scorpio natives and would bestow them great fortune and longevity to their fathers. Here, Pearl could also reduce the malefic effects of Moon if ill-placed. The adoption of Moon along with Red Coral is more beneficial for these people.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Sagittarius

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon shares a friendly relationship with planet Jupiter of Sagittarius besides which it rules over the 8th house of Sagittarius ascendants which altogether develops an average relationship in between for which these people should wear it only if Moon gets placed over the 8th house in the horoscope chart. Besides this, it could be worn along with the Yellow Sapphire of Jupiter as it would reduce the bad impacts of pearl.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Capricorn

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon doesn’t share a pleasing relationship with the planet Saturn of Capricorn ascendants besides this, here it rules over the 7th house of Capricorn natives which altogether develops a bitter combination. For this, Capricorn natives should not adopt pearls while if it would become necessary then it should only be worn in major period of Moon.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Aquarius

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon shares an unpleasant relationship with the planet Saturn of Aquarius natives besides which here it rules over the 6th house of Aquarius ascendants which altogether develops a bitter relationship in between. So on, Aquarius natives should stay away from pearl or should only wear it in the major period of moon if necessary.

Pearl Gemstones or Moti for Pisces

The ruling lord of pearl, Moon shares a pleasing relation with the planet Jupiter of Pisces besides which here Moon rules over the 5th house of Pisces ascendants which altogether develops a positive combination in between for which it appears to be a auspicious for Pisces natives to adopt the pearls as it will bring them goodness of profession & wealth along with child. This would be always be highly beneficial in the major & minor periods of Moon.


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