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I am a B.TECH in mechanical engineering from a Roorkee .I have already got job with a multinational in mechanical engg but want to go for a career in software. Please tell me the suitability of taking the software as a career.

Dear Swati,

Your basic horoscope details:


Ascendant lord: Sun

Moon sign: Scorpio

Your 10th house lord is Venus and it is well placed in Ascendant with mercury. Venus indicates career related to luxuries, ornaments, products for ladies, software, BPO and it strongly indicates the white collar job i.e. not related to shop floor or production job where physical work is also important along with the mental work.

Moreover, your 10th house lord Venus is joined by mercury in ascendant so mercury has its impacts on your 10th house. Mercury is strongly associated with computation related career and white collar.

Venus in ascendant has an aspect from Jupiter placed in 9th house, again a planet related to having more brain related career.

After analyzing above mentioned and other indications present in your chart, We feel that you have strong chances of making an excellent career in the field of software and chances of having a career in mechanical engineering is not that much bright.

Aacharya C.N Rao

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