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Mars or mangal is one of the powerful planets in Astrology and represents power, authority, siblings, wars, military, weapons, conflicts, commanders, rulers, violence, mechanical engineering, ego, metals, passion, ambitions, surgery, doctors, surgical instruments, blood, blood banks, physical power and accidents.

Mars (Mangal) : Astronomy

Red colored Mars or mangal is the 4th planet from the sun. It is the nearest outer planet from the earth. It is the 7th largest planet in the solar system. It is called a red planet because of its red-orange appearance. This appearance Is caused by the iron oxide present on it’s surface. The distance between the Mars and Sun is around 141.6 million miles. It is smaller than earth and it’s radius is approximately half of the radius of Earth. It’s mass is 11.2% of the mass of Earth. Mars is having the highest mountain in the solar system which is called Olympus Mons. It’s surface is full of valleys, volcanoes, craters and ice caps on poles.

Astrology of Mars or Mangal : Importance of Mars in horoscope

In the studies of Astrology, planet Mangal has been the most potent celestial being on account of it’s unbeatable strength and high domination upon the horoscope charts of mortal beings. Mangal is the masculine planet which expresses all the tough shades of masculine attributes comprising strength of body, dominating attitude, aggressiveness, courage, valor, believe on self and full of energy. On account of this it is believed to reflect all of it’s attributes to the individuals enclosed in the confinements of planet Mars. On account of the same, Mangal is believed to be the at the place of commander-in-chief in the assembly of nine planets and leads them. For further addition to this, Mars has been perceived as the god of war since ages.

Mangal has his orbit around Sun for 687days as spending approx 57. 25days in each zodiac sign. The cycle of Mars enters the life of an individual at the age of 28 to 33yrs for the first time and then secondly, at the age of 63 to 68yrs which comes back third time at the age of 98 to 103yrs.

Mangal rules over Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. It is exalted in Capricorn. It is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Cancer. Sun, Moon, Jupiter are friends of it while Mars and Venus are neutral towards it. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu is the enemy of Mars.

Mangal is considered malefic in Vedic astrology but the result of it varies from person to person according to the it's placements in a particular house, it's lordship and according to the ascendant of horoscope of a particular person. Mangal is particularly benefic for Cancer and Leo ascendant people as it a yoga karaka planet for these ascendants. For Aries and Scorpio ascendant people, Mangal is the ascendant lord so it is the very benefic planet for these people. In case of houses, Mars placement in 3rd,6th, 10th and 11th houses is considered good. It is particularly powerful in 10th house as it gets directional strength in this house. Mangal' s placements in kendras other than 10th house are not considered good except it is ascendant lord or the yoga karaka planets. An exalted Mars would cause it's increased qualities in person's life while a debilitated Mars would cause degradation in every quality provided by the mars.

The powerful, exalted, well placed Mars can cause great self strength and believe, hastiness and ambitious behaviors, also possess the shades of legitimacy, justice, proper management, administrative abilities, principles, sense of purpose and independent attitude. The person with the powerful mars would be ambitious, having high self-esteem, self-belief and many virtues. He would be having good leadership skills. The person would be fearless and put lot of efforts to make his life better. The person would be having lesser or no malice in heart and would help others at the house of need. He would always defend his own rights or the rights of underdogs. This mangal would help him rise in life giving him a powerful position. He would be good in romance and would be expressive of his feelings.

On the other side, if the Mangal is malefic or akaraka or debilitated or ill-placed or debilitated then the ill-impacts of it are also very severe. Mars placed in 8th house cause accidents and in 5th house, it cause delay and obstruction in child birth. The general results of a malefic mars includes obstructions, hurdles, breaks, accidents, quarrels, lack of determination and self-belief, timidity, bad family life, mental tensions, depression, wounds injuries and blood related diseases.

Manglik dosha or Mangal dosh

The most profound ill-impact of mangal is in form of manglik dosha. Manglik dosha is formed when it is placed either in 1st house, 4th house, 7th house , 8th house or 12th house. This dosha cause delay in marriage, bad marital life, disputes, quarrels in marital life, divorce and even the death of spouse. However, these results varies according to the strength of manglik dosha in one's horoscope and imbalance of manglik dosha in the horoscope of the bride and groom. If the mars is placed in 1st house or 7th hosue, the manglik dosha will be most severe. The manglik dosha by the rest of the placements are weaker in nature.

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Body Parts and Diseases controlled by Mangal

The zodiac in which mars is placed is the mars sign of the person. Mars sign decides the dignity of this planet in the horoscope. In Human Body, it rules the head, blood, muscles, pineal gland genitals, bladder, cervix, anus, genito-urinary tract, prostate gland. The ill-placed mangal may cause Headache, migraine, sinus problems, head colds, nosebleeds, fever, inflammation, haemorrhage, high blood pressure, eruptions, burns, scalds, insect bites and stings
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