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“Reflection of paradisiacal pure beauty….. pouring the divine warmth upon earth”

Moon is the satellite of earth. It has been given much importance in Vedic astrology. Moon represent the emotional and mental aspects of human life. Moon in a Indian horoscope represents the mental peace and mental happiness. It controls the emotional balance in human life.

Chandra (Moon) : Astronomy

The moon or Chandra is the natural satellite of Earth. The most visible celestial body apart from sun is moon. The moon does not emit its own light but it is shined by the reflection of sun’ light. The mass of Moon or Chandra is almost one-eightieth(1/8th) of the mass of earth and it is 7.3ss x 1022kg. The average center to center distance between the moon and earth is around 384,438 kilometers. The diameter of moon is 3,477 kilometers. The gravitational force of moon is of 17.54 % of the gravitational force present on the surface of Earth. The surface of moon is having many craters, basins and highlands. There is no water and no air on moon. The gravitational pull of moon on earth is the cause of rise and fall of ocean tides.

Astrology of Moon or Chandra : Importance of Moon in horoscope

Moon in astrology has a high importance. Apart from being an important planet in a horoscope, it is one of the three ascendants in Vedic horoscope. It shines upon the earth as pouring the divine blessings of peace and love upon the mortals. Moon revolves around our planet earth like a natural satellite. It gives different impacts upon different lives through residing at different houses in different zodiacs of natives. Moon rules over the zodiac Cancer on account of which the natives of this zodiac signs are believed to be most emotional people as Moon bestows them all the feelings and sentiments. Besides this, Moon stays at the highest stature of his domination or in exaltation with all of his powers when in zodiac sign Taurus while it losses his all powers when in Scorpio and impact negatively in the same. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the Friends of mercury. Venus, Saturn, rahu and ketu are natural enemies of Moon. Mercury is neutral to Moon.

The Moon plays a very important role in astrology. It is one of the three ascendants in the birth chart or a horoscope of a person. A well placed and powerful moon is very much required in a horoscope to give the full results of raj - yogas and dhan yogas formed by other planets or by Sun. If moon is not well placed and powerful in a horoscope, the results of benefic yogas are reduced. Especially for the natives of Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces ascendant, the good placement and power and dignity of Moon is very important. For doing the deep study of a horoscope, often apart from the rasi or ascendant chart, moon chart is also considered. Moon chart would be made by taking the moon as ascendant in the rasi chart and redrawing the chart accordingly. Moon chart holds very important role in th vedic astrology. It is equally important as the rasi or ascendant chart. Sometimes, when the moon is stronger than the ascendant, Moon chart would become more important than the ascendant chart. Even if the ascendant is stronger, moon chart is the second most important chart to be considered. If a particular aspect of life is in bad stage in ascendant chart than the moon chart would be considered. If that aspect is bad in moon chart as well, then that aspect would be in very bad state in the life of native. If the aspect is good in moon chart then this would create a balancing impact and the results related to that aspect would be average in life.

Moon governs over the formations of emotional appearance of a person which comprises his or her natural attitude, memories, interests, moods, vision and ability to adapt in the surroundings as good placement of Moon turns all of these into positive direction for making a person stronger and true from inside while it’s poor position leaves him with fragile inner essence along with tainted inner self. The weak or ill-placed moon could make the mental constitution weak and cause many mental and psychological problems like depression, anxiety, mental tensions and mood disorders. On account of this, Moon plays a major role on the part of peace and harmony in life. It also decides the person’s mental happiness and mental peace which is very important and without which all the other aspects of life like wealth, profession and success become somewhat worthless.

Besides the part of emotions, a well placed Moon bestows happiness in the life, strong social stature which all together makes life successful and prosperous. The powerful and well placed Chandra gives immense wealth, fame and popularity. It’s placement in kendras (1st , 4th, 7th and 10th house) and trikonas (1st, 5th ,9th house ) are generally very auspicious. There are much auspicious yogas which are formed by a well placed and powerful moon. A powerful moon placed in a good house could bring all the worldly pleasure like wealth, happiness, vehicles, property, high designation in profession and support of authorities. Apart from the professional things, it would fill the personal life or family life of a person with happiness.

On the other side, the ill placement of Moon in the horoscope forms many ill-yogas bestows unstable mind, poverty, lack of decision making ability followed by a tough path of life comprising failures. It makes the person prone to tensions and worries. The person would lack self-confidence. The harmony on the home front would be lesser and person would fall under the trap of anxiety and depression. In addition to this, Moon being the presenter of water also impacts upon our body fluids and body systems relating to fluids in variant ways. So the ill placement could generate imbalance of fluid system in human body.

Moon being the dominant aspect of sentimental side of a person also impacts upon the enclosure of relationships of the person as effecting his or her relations as well on account of it’s placements. Apart from this, a well placed Moon bestow us inclinations towards art along with the creative vision, imaginative attitude and sensuality.

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