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I am from Surat. My elder brother is suffering from heart problem and had suffered from two heart attacks in past. The last one is two months ago. From that point, his condition is not good at all. Please tell me when he is going to recover.

Dear Aarush,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Leo

Ascendant lord: Sun

Moon sign: Libra



Own House: Jupiter, Mercury

Combust: None

Debilitated: None

Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates:

Your ascendant lord sun is placed in 10th house. This placement is good as sun is having dig bal in this position and become increasingly strong although it is in it’s enemy sign. So considering the ascendant the position of health will be more than average.

You have a rahu placed in your 4th house (house of mental peace, mother, lungs and heart) in Scorpio. Rahu is considered debilitated in this zodiac. Moreover it’s placement in 4th house will be very damaging for mother, mental peace and for heart and lungs in body.

Currently, you are going through a major period of Jupiter and minor period of mercury. Jupiter being the lord of 8th and 5th house is having a partial-maraka effect. Mercury is lord of 2nd and 11th house is also having maraka impact. But it will only have result in average health and not indicates any major issue.

On the yogini side, You are going through sankata yogini which is ruled by rahu and this is the actual cause of heart problem. It is going to continue till July 2009, but the most problematic period is till November 2007.After that the major problems in case of heart problems will be solved to a great extent. But will not be cured fully. Remedy for rahu is required.

Suggested Remedies:

For the heart problem, remedy for rahu is required:

  • On Saturday, donate tobacco to sweeper.
  • On Saturday, feed flour to ants.

  • Aacharya C.N Rao

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