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I am from Chennai. My marriage is fixed and it is going to happen after 5 months. From the last few days, many disputes have been arisen between my family and the family of my would-be husband. I am getting increasingly doubtful about this relation. I want to know that this marriage will happen or not?

Dear Aarti,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Gemini

Ascendant lord: Mercury

Moon sign: Libra


Exalated: None

Own house: Mars

Combust: None

Debilitated: None

Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates:

Your seventh house (house of marriage) lord is Jupiter and it is placed in eleventh house in Aries (friend sign of Jupiter) so the lord of marriage is strong and well placed which is a good sign for marriage and marital life.

Jupiter is also a karaka for marriage so having a strong and well placed Jupiter in the horoscope indicates a good marital life and marriage happening without much hurdles and problems.

As well as Venus is in your ascendant and from there it aspects your house of marriage which is again adding up to the good impacts on the part of marriage.

Currently, you are going through a major period of mars and minor period of Jupiter till July 2019 which is making a strong yoga for marriage happening during this time.

You are currently going through a dasha of ulka yogini which is the real cause of the troubles which you are facing. This dasha is going to be continued till 17 April 2019 (almost next two and half months). After that you will be out of the bad time you are going through.

The marriages most likely will happen on the scheduled date without much hurdles and problems. You have to be patient for the next two and half months.


No special remedies are required. You only have to keep patience for the next two and half months and try to keep the damage as low as possible due to disputes. This is a temporary phase which will pass.

Aacharya Anurag Sharma

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