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Gemstone Recommendation

(Based on your specific problems or question)

Your Question:

Could you please tell me which gemstone I should wear for getting good growth in career? I have been facing so many problems in career from last one and half year.

Recommended Gemstone based on your question

Dear Nimesh,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Aries

Ascendant lord: Mars

Moon sign: Libra

Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates:

Detailed analysis of your horoscope indicates that for career progress, you can wear a blue sapphire. The weight should be between 3-4 carat and you should wear it in gold. You can wear it in the middle finger of right hand on Saturday. In your chart, Saturn is the lord of 10th (house of profession) and 11th house (house of income) and it is placed in 10th house in its own sign. Wearing blue sapphire will be very much beneficial for your profession and it will help you making advancement in your career. It will make the authorities favorable for you and your daily hassles will be lessened.

After wearing this, for some time, you can face the problem of headache which will eventually go away and you will get the good results in case of you profession.

Other positive results you will have in terms of increment in flow of income and support from friends. Saturn is the lord of 11th house also so it will bring positive impacts in terms of money flow.

Process of wearing:

Choose a flawless gem. Gem should be embedded in the ring in such a way that it should touch your skin.

Wear this on any Saturday within one hour from sunrise, after dipping it over night in milk and then washing with pure water. Try to choose a day during the bright half of a month. Get the required rituals performed by a learned Brahmin.

We wish that this report will help you to use the gemstones for your benefit and Best wishes for the future course of your life.

Aacharya Anurag Sharma

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