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Numerology Number 1


Numerology Number 1 | Numerological Analysis of number One | Numerology 1

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Numerology Number 1


The number 1 among all in the numerological studies is the first one to arrive and so on expresses the leaders upon earth. People born with number 1 are believed to be born leaders for being truly strong from inside and dominating in attitude.  

These people have numerology number 1 are free souls and require high liberty to lead a good and satisfying life but they are not much flexible in their attitude and could turn irritated & annoyed if things won’t work as per their expectations and desires. They carry higher aspirations and dreams in the path of life besides which they are strongly determined and firm in their path for which they are believed to attain success over hurdles.

These people of numerology number 1 are best if they would pursue their own business and would be their own boss. Apart from this, they are good at the professions requiring strength of mind and body as in defense forces, sports and politics as well. The people associated with number 1 are bestowed with creative attributes along with an exploring mind for which they stay involved in such pursuits and could also do good in relating professions.

The natives of numerology 1 would be quiet, self centered and can turn snobbish besides which they could be highly demanding at times. They seek for the center stage and want all the lights to be upon them which could turn them harsh in attitude. The people with Numerology one will stand in the front row while approaching anything and would easily become a leader and manager in groups.

The people of numerology 1 associated with first number would be full of self believe and optimism but they could turn over confident at times which could be bitter for them as that could create difficulties for themselves.

These people having Numerology 1 will remain involved in social activities throughout their life and will almost be available at the times of need. These people could be somewhat showy and would be materialistic in their approach for which they would have much lavish spending.


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