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Love/Marriage Relationship Report

Dear Anupama,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Sagittarius

Ascendant lord: Jupiter

Moon sign: Aries



Escalated: None

Own house: Jupiter, Mercury

Combust: None

Debilitated: None


Her basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Leo

Ascendant lord: Sun

Moon sign: Leo



Escalated: Sun

Own house: Mercury, Jupiter

Combust: Venus

Debilitated: None


Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates:

Gun Milan

Gun Milan score is 26 which is very good score. Being the one of the most important factor, a good score attained in gun Milan indicates strong chances of a good match.


Mental compatibility

Jupiter placed in ascendant will make you full of energy and it makes you adventurous. You are confident and self-assured and have optimistic look for the life. She is with a Leo ascendant having an escalated sun will be equally energetic and positive person. She will be extremely confident. Both of you have match in energy levels and optimistic nature.

You are hot headed and hate dominance by any body. You are a born leader and like lead from front. She is a Leo and posses the same qualities in case of leadership and hot temper. You have to be cautious in this case as she also not like to be dominated and to be led. The match is good in this case also but you have to be patient with each other and listen to each other in case of conflicts

The mental compatibility is very good as both of you have similar interests and habits. You both are caring and possessive in case of relationship. You both will take care of each other. Both of you needs lot of expression of love and reassurance. Both of you are good at it. You both can make a very good couple 

Physical compatibility

Physical compatibility is very good. In society, your couple will look good and will suit each other. Both of you have good health and have long life. Your horoscopes indicate lesser ailments in case of both of you. Physical synchronization is good. You will be having some problems in case of health.

Ego clashes

Ego clashes will be a problem between you both as both of you has high level of ego. Both of you have a nature which can not tolerate dominance of anybody. So you need to cautious in this case and should have more open to each otherís ideas and give respect to the thought of each other.


She is very lucky as her luck lord is very well placed and this relation will bring good luck to your life. Your horoscope will also bring good results to her. Your luck lords are friendly to each other so they will enhance each other.

Family environment

Family environment will be harmonious as both of you will have a good level of understandings. 4th house is good in both of cases. You will make a good home. The family environment will be cordial.


Both of you have good yogas for wealth and nobody of you has ill yogas for wealth so the relation will bring the affluence to your life. Second house of you is better than her. You have better chances than her to earn plenty of money in your life.


 Fifth house of both of you are good. You have good yogas for having good and lucky children. You both are not having nadi dosha.  She has some problems in case of child birth. She has aspect of Saturn on fifth house. Remedies of her Saturn will be recommended for her

Longevity of relation

Longevity of relation is good. You both will be living together till the end of your life. No yogas of divorce or remarriage are found in either horoscope.

Longevity of affection towards each other

Affection between both of you is long-lived. No problems in this case

Intellectual compatibility

This factor is average between you both as you both are intellectually good but you will have different views in this matter. You will not be totally against each other but have different views.

Social status

Social status of couple will be good and definitely improved after relation. Both are out-going personalities and both have charm. Both will complement each other in social gatherings and will have large number of good and influential friends

Sexual compatibility

Sexual compatibility is more than average.

Prominent Unfortunate yogas in individual horoscope (If any)

You have partial kaal sarp yoga in your horoscope which can create many hurdles in case of many important aspects of your life. Remedy for kaal sarp yoga is recommended.

She does not have any prominent ill yoga in her horoscope.


In both the horoscopes, Arishtha and anistha yoga are not present which makes the person short-lived. Both have long lives.



After analyzing all the above mentioned points, we recommend the marriage. Marriage will bring good results for both of you and harmony will remain between you. Gun Milan score is excellent as well as in many ways you both are compatible and will enhance each other good yogas in horoscope. You can go ahead with the marriage 



Aacharya C.N Rao


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