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Identification and Properties of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone or Pukhraj

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Yellow Sapphire-Main Article   |  Care, Cleansing and Ritual for wearing Yellow Sapphire


yellow sapphire gemstone

Identification of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Tests for Identification of a Real Yellow Sapphire or pukhraj:

When placed on a white cloth and exposed to sunlight, it gives yellow hue to the spot where the light is reflected. 

If kept in milk for twenty-four hours it does not change color. 

It cures poisonous insect bites immediately if rubbed on the afflicted area.

Properties of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Planet: Jupiter

Indian Name: Pukhraj

Sanskrit Names: Pusparaga, Guru-Ratna,  Puspa-Raja, Vascapati, vallabha

Sign: Sagittarius & Pisces

Hardness: 9 on Mohs scale

Element: Sky

Cosmic Color: Light Blue


Yellow Sapphire

 yellow sapphire gemstone

Get the Comprehensive information about Yellow Sapphire gems


Yellow sapphire is the gem proposed for Jupiter which the largest and heaviest planet among....




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