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Rituals of Yantra

The Yantra needs to be purified well through the sanitizing process before adopting it and it is the most significant aspect attached to it. The rituals bind to Yantras are strictly needs to be followed if anyone needs to attain its benefits. The individual needs to place the Yantra upon a well cleaned plate and then pour water and milk upon it besides chanting the prescribed mantras. They are certain days and timings for adopting certain Yantras which should be followed by the person.

The Yantras being the most pious creatures and soul images of deities needs to pay worship and adoration regularly in a proper requisite manner. The adopter should not forget to ask for the complete rituals of Yantras to the person he or she is buying from.

Basic rituals for all Yantras are as follows:

Purification of one’s own body and mind too.

Should sit at a place facing towards east and where their won’t be any disturbance.

Lightening in front deities in altar.

Offering flowers and fruits in front of idols and yantras.

Bringing out the Yantra from the case box and placing it well in front of its deity or in altar.

Sprinkling the water all around in altar and where the individual is sitting with a clean leaf.

Bending the head in adoration and recalling the deity from heart besides chanting the mantra of particular Yantra for prescribed times or 21 times.

Sitting silent with closed eyes and recalling the deity from heart and asking for vanishing the problems in life and wishing for betterment.

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