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Formation of Yantra

The another significant aspect of Yantras is that they are not any other design that anybody can copy and develop another one as it requires to be made by a person who carries all requisite knowledge and is a specialist in the same as it’s not just a graphic, it’s a divine expression of divine soul whose formation comprise certain set of strict rules to follow.

These powerful Yantras are made through various ways like through writing, painting or engraving on certain plans which could either be paper or any metal depending upon the form of Yantra as it also depends upon the deity of Yantra as for instance, the metal for planet Saturn should be iron only and so on similar rules are to be followed for certain Yantras. Likewise, in ancient times certain inks were mentioned for specific Yantras as that should be red sandalwood, or saffron, or either white sandalwood even the type of pen and its length – width are also need to be specific. They are certain days and timings for some Yantras to be formed while sitting towards some specific direction.

Besides this, it needs to go through a ritual process during formation of Yantra as well besides which, it also needs to have some mantras written on it as comprising bija or seed mantras which are believed as binding threads in between the divinity and Yantras and so on a Yantra can’t ever be accomplished without mantras. Yantras need to pay all gratitude and worship through the requisite rituals upon land.

Yantras could also be expressed as divine combination of two universal powers that is of pious stature and of mantras forming complete divine portrait with the essence of deities and in other words, they are virtual and vivid appearances of mantras. At the whole, they are divine arenas of paradisiacal souls.

Yantras in the Ancient times

While going in further depth of Yantras, they are none of the births of today’s world or creative minds as it holds the profound depth of primitive Indian culture as beginning with the period when deities and human were very close to each other and it was not much space in between the two worlds. In those times, people used to design these Yantras over some wooden boards, walls or grounds through rice flour, wheat flour or sindoor which has been developed today to enhance the longevity and so on are now available as craved upon variant metals. Besides this, these graphical and geometrical designs has also been the part of American culture, Egyptian culture, Chinese culture, Tantric arena, Buddhist arena and such many more from ancient times. Today, Yastras are believed to be a true divine aspect with heavenly powers throughout the world but it should be seriously taken in concern that they are none of show pieces to adorn your homes or office places.

In the end, the centre of a Yantra holds the divine potency of whole universe and so on are the most powerful objects upon land.

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