Venus-Moon dasha, Venus Mahadasha - Moon Antardasha or Bhukti by - Shukra major period and Chandra minor period

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Venus Mahadasha -Moon Antardasha | Venus - Moon Dasha | Shukra- Chandra period or Bhukti

The arrival of Moon or chandra antardasha in the Mahadasha of Venus would bring different impacts upon the natives as depending upon the planetary placements for its being the provider of both negative & positive impacts on variant horoscope charts. Besides this, both Venus & Moon are soft presence and do not possess much potency which could bring frailness to the native. This Venus-Moon dasha would be a blend of both negative and positive impacts.

The native in Venus-Moon dasha or Bhukti would confront some obstacles and impediments at work place as there could be some enemies and oppositions around which altogether could lead towards some failures and loss in wealth. On the other part, strong placement of planets could also lead towards triumph over obstacles and financial gains. Conflicts on the personal side could also lead towards some distress to the person.

Presence of Moon or Chandra would take the person towards spiritual aspects and would enhance his/her belief upon divinity while on the other hand, it will bestow trueness of soul and purity in thoughts as the person would pursue pious and social deeds and would keep on walking over the righteous path but the ill-placement of Moon could also make the person see towards the immoral path.

The ill-placement of Moon could bring negative impacts upon the natives while the well placement of Moon would provide blessings to the natives in this Bhukti of Shukra-Chandra.

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