Venus-Ketu dasha, Venus Mahadasha - Ketu Antardasha or Bhukti by - Shukra major period and Ketu minor period

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Venus Mahadasha -Ketu Antardasha | Venus - Ketu Dasha | Shukra- Ketu period or Bhukti

The shadow planet Ketu is a well perceived malefic planet which would bring most of adverse effects to the natives as Venus or Shukra is not one of the potent planets for which Venus and Ketu will make an unpleasant combination and will produce most of negative shades in the native's life.

The native in Venus- Ketu dasha or Bhukti would found much obstacles at work place besides which there would some foes and enemies around as creating impediments for the person. The native would face loss of position and some failures in the professional arena which could also affect the financial stature of the person for which the he/she would be needed to put much hard work and endeavor to emerge safe but most of them won't give worthy results.

The native in Venus- Ketu dasha or Bhukti could see distances and bitterness in relations besides which there would be distress at home and family members could also receive some harm and lack of peace would prevail. The native would have much restlessness in this period and would have danger form snakes & thieves besides which diabetes, lavish expenditure, unreasonable quarrels and wandering, headache and loss in ventures could be other signs of malefic Ketu.

The native in Shukra - Ketu bhukti would see betterment towards the end of this period as things would turn towards improvement in the end.

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