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First decan of Taurus or Vrishabha

The first segment of Taurus period( 21st April to 20th May) that is first ten days are called to be the first decan of Taurus which is the enclosure of materialistic world and is called as the “week of manifestation”.

The Taurus individuals of this segment are the natives of materialistic land where they develops strong relations with all the associated things besides forgetting about the real picture of life. They are strongly inclined towards possession which might take them towards the mount due to their tough efforts but the lack of inner touch will make them stand alone. They could be seen as being covetous towards food and money besides being detached from the spiritual world. On the other hand, it is ruled by two more planets Mercury and Mars apart from Venus on account of which, Mercury gives perfect mind for success and Mars takes towards aggression.

Second decan of Taurus or Vrishabha

The middle segment of Taurus period that is the next ten days are ruled by the planet Mercury apart from Venus, which bestows the organization and excellence to the natives as making them quiet similar to Virgos. The naives of this period are perceived to be wise and the period is called as the “week of the teacher”.

The natives of this period possess a strong eloquence along with strongly critical attitude as similar to Virgos and these are the most dominating aspect which differs them with rest of the Taurus natives for strongly looking everything to be placed well and to express their views vividly and productively.

Third decans of Taurus or Vrishabha

The third decan of Taurus that is the last segment of Taurus period is ruled by the planet Saturn as leading the natives towards the similar path of Capricorn. These natives are naturally endowed with patience for which it is called as the “week of the natural”.

The natives of this segment possess a insatiable crave for success as they would not be satisfied at reaching one ladder and will always desire to walk towards more height so that they could acquire all the materialistic comfort. They will not ever loose their hope and pessimism irrespective of any number of failures they face. Besides this, they take the aspect of life and those around in extremely serious understanding which makes them lack humor.

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