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Taurus characteristics | Taurus positive and negative personality traits | Vrishabha attributes

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Positive characteristics or personality traits of Taurus or Vrishabha

Devoted to family

Carry morals and ethics

Easily satisfied

Can play either of role

Love for nature

Prefer organization and comfort

Prefer to preserve things

Devoted nurturers

Determined towards work

Sincerely follow if got to

Adaptable to similitude

Strongly prefer harmony

See life moreover as responsibility

Strict appearance

Disciplined approach

Use more of sense than sentiments

Admirers of beauty

Creative at core

Extremely attached to their small enclosure

Loyal in relations

Negative characteristics, or personality traits of Taurus or Vrishabha


Lack adaptability

Ignorant of the outer world

Fastened to primitive conventions

Not open to change

Aggressive at the highest at times

Much reserved

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