Surya Yantra by - Mantra, formation, explanation, importance, usage and other details of Surya Yantra or Sun

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Surya Yantra ' s explanation, usage and importance

The Surya Yantra is the divine Yantra of Lord Surya or the dominant ruler of horoscope charts of human lives that is Sun who adorns the lives upon land through his heavenly brilliance while his absence could cause much darkness upon the land of mortal lives. Lord Sun has been given a supreme platter in the arena of deities since ages in Hindu religion besides which he is the only visible deity to human being in the Kalyug. It has been believed deeply that beginning the day with a “namaskar” to Lord Surya is much enough to lead the day towards good and this little believe is quiet enough to articulate the deep significance of Surya Yantra in human life.

The Surya brings light and vanishes darkness from the surrounding and the same way it brings happiness in human lives and vanishes the gloom. The Sun Yantra bestows the unbeatable strength of mind and believe upon self besides bestowing valor and courage to the person which takes them towards the heights of success upon land. It endows the person with affluence and authority along with a strong personality to rule over others.

On the other part, the Surya Yantra defends the person from all the hurdles in human life as including health hurdles, miseries, poverty and accidents as well besides which it brings all the harmony to life and peace of mind. Sun Yantra doesn’t let any foe or enemy harm the devotee besides which the worshiper would be liked, favored and admired by many around. It is perceived to be highly significant and beneficial for those having a ill-placed Sun in the horoscope chart. It makes the person stand at the supreme place.

In the end, the Surya Yantra is carved on gold, silver or copper metal which should be either placed well in the altar and worshiped well with rituals or worn in the neck to attain all the positive reflection from the Lord Surya.

Mantra for Surya Yantra

"Om Ghrieea Surya Aditya Om"

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