Sun in Virgo by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Virgo Zodiac, Surya in Kanya

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Sun in Virgo zodiac | Surya in Kanya rashi

The placement Sun in the Virgo enhances the sharpness of mind and eyes in the natives as they would become more learned and scholarly, their creativity would also get a good a boost along with more artistic hands. On the other hand, their eye would become keener towards sharp ends and more critical. Their sharp minds would analyze more and better now.

The influence of Sun in Virgo would also increase their outer charm and generosity of soul but would also make them stricter towards sincerity and discipline which could make them appear harsh at times. The presence of Sun might reduce their inner sensitivity to some extent and would make them more practical in approach.

The presence of Sun in Virgo would develop both the sensitive and harsh side of the native and in the end would lead them towards more balanced personas from the rest of the Virgo natives

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