Sun in Libra by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Libra Zodiac, Surya in Tula

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Sun in Libra zodiac | Surya in Tula rashi

The Libra sign is the enclosure of debilitation of Sun with it's maximum degree at 10 as starting from zero which all together brings much of alteration in the natives of the sign. This placement enhances the charm of the natives to the much extent which is almost like being endowed with since birth but because Sun is debilitated in Libra it results in weak eye sight and somewhat lack of physical strength. These people may lack determination and resolve.

Besides this, Natives having Sun in Libra are bestowed with pleasing voice and persona which makes them dominate over many hearts without any of much efforts but this endowment of Sun could also turn them towards flirting high or towards dominating the surrounding arena even when they should not.

The natives of this placement of Sun in Libra would remained calmed personas at deep and will prefer harmonious living but the influence of Sun in Libra enclosure could also induce some of the aggression in the individuals and much of it's effect could make them callous and irritating to some what extent at times but on the other hand they will keep the blend of generosity in them.

On the other hand, Sun in Libra bestows them potency and open mindedness which further makes them straight to words but that could be to an extremes of extent which could not be acceptable by those around. The sun will keep the loyalty alive in them.

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