Sun in Leo by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Leo Zodiac, Surya in Simha

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Sun in Leo zodiac | Surya in Simha rashi

The placement of Sun in Leo enhances the brilliance in the appearance of natives as their charm will be irresistible to those around and the impact of Sun will naturally make them dominate over their surroundings. They are truly friendly and open individuals which make them admired by many.

The impact of Sun in Leo bestows them with unbeatable strength of mind which makes them stand confident and firm at thoughts and walk as a leader and explorer towards the heights. On the other hand, the lump of energy of Sun won't let them stay at quiet places and would stay involved in the dynamic enclosures. Altogether, they are truly ambitious people and perceived to be successful.

The presence of Sun In Leo endows them with it's aristocracy which further gives them high pride and even could emerge as ego problems and callousness in them. But on the other hand they also carry the generosity and loyalty of the divine sovereign. Sun enhances the feel of free living in them to a much extent.

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