Sun in Gemini by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Gemini Zodiac, Surya in Mithuna

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Sun in Gemini zodiac | Surya in Mithuna rashi

The presence of Sun in Gemini will keep the level of curiosity in natives to the good extent which could lead them towards acquiring all the knowledge present around and in the end will make them learned and wise.

The influence of the Sun upon the Gemini enclosure enhances the restlessness in the persona of natives which makes them appear with the changes very often as they will possess high fluctuations in mind which in true makes them possess no real persona of them. Sun provides them the strength of mind which makes it difficult for others to lessen their dominancy while on the other hand they are polite in attitude and generous friends but intellectual people would be able to keep them close for long if given the liberty as well.

The potency of Sun enhances the vivacity in the natives having Sun in Gemini in their birth charts which makes them appear truly lively and vivacious as people around would find them laughing high at everything possible even if it required a little of expression only. Their enhanced eloquence adds up to their charm.

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