Sun in Capricorn by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Capricorn Zodiac, Surya in Makara

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Sun in Capricorn zodiac | Surya in Makara rashi

The enclosure of Capricorn for Sun brings some of the adverse effects as Saturn and Sun are natural enemies and their combination might not be much good for the native as Sun would bestow much of the strength and firmness to the native which would emerge as being highly stubborn and inflexible in approach.

The presence of Sun in Capricorn would bestow them some of the aggression which could lead them towards being callous while on the other hand it would enhance their practical vision and would reduce their lurked sensitivity.

The influence of sun in Capricorn would bestow them more of independent attitude which could be till the extent of ignoring others and turning self centered at times. But the lump of energy given by sun could create some of the restlessness in their attitude.

The natives of this placement of sun in Capricorn would be sharp minded and witty but the negative effect of the Sun would reduce their self believe from inside which could make them fragile at the mental side.

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