Sun in Cancer by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Cancer Zodiac, Surya in Karka

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Sun in Cancer zodiac | Surya in Karka rashi

The placement of Sun in Cancer confinement bestows strength to the Cancer natives which heals some of the sensitivity of the Moon signs and provides the fragile natives some of the potency as altering some of their vulnerable attitude. This would make them stand independent.

The influence of Sun in Cancer brings some of the aggression and harshness in the soft personas of Cancer individuals and makes their outer appearance quiet tough. But it enhances the fluctuations in the individuals as they might act entirely opposite at times. Altogether the person would confront lack in peace of mind.

The presence of Sun in Cancer bestows potency to the natives to defend their immense sensitivity as these individuals could fight and revert back to the storms hurting them instead of only lurking inside a cave. Besides this, Sun also provides the strength of wealth to the natives of this placement.

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