Sun in Aries by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Aries Zodiac, Surya in Mesha

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Sun in Aries zodiac | Surya in Mesha rashi

Sun is most potent presence among all the planets in the astrological arena besides which it is perceived to be the king in the solar system as it holds all the celestial bodies around and dominate over them. For the same reasons, it will bestow same attributes to the natives and will make him/her stay strong from the core with a balanced composure of mind while he/she would be dominating and effective in appearance as they carry the strength of leaving marks behind. These people are born leaders but they should stay away from overshadowing others.

Sun is the Guru of all the planets for which it provides wisdom and true knowledge to the native besides which the person would carry a positive attitude towards life along with the firmness in approach as the person would not let others effect their approach. These natives are mature beings but they are very much concerned about their presence besides which they are very much vigorous & courageous personalities which makes them exploring in nature but this could turn snobbish at times. These natives would carry much self belief which will take them towards good heights if it won't become over confidence. The positive impacts of Sun would endow the person with clear vision towards life.

On the other part, the native could turn aggressive and stubborn along with a tough heart but these natives are not evil and wicked souls as they know the difference between evil and pure and do believe upon moral path. The native would attain strong position upon land through his/her intellect and hard work besides which they these people are well suited for political career. In the end, they could have eye problems and should hold upon their much risk taking tendency.

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