Sun in Aquarius by - Effects of the placements of Sun planet in Aquarius Zodiac, Surya in Kumbha

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Sun in Aquarius zodiac | Surya in Kumbha rashi

The placement of Sun in Aquarius confinement could bring many adverse effects because of Saturn being the natural enemy of Sun which altogether would emerge in difficult path of life. This combination could alter the enclosure of humanitarian Saturn to a lot of extent.

The natives of this adverse combination of Sun in Aquarius would bring some hurdles in life where the Aquarius person would lack at belief from inside which further make them vulnerable and weak.

The person would loose most of the optimism and peace of mind besides which being unable to face the difficulties of life, he or she would lead a disturbed and unhappy life. The natives of this placement could win over this tough battle if they won't leave their self believes.

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