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Shukra Yantra' s explanation, usage and importance

Shukra Yantra is one of the most significant Yantras in the astrological arena for its being the Yantra for planet Venus which plays dominant role in human life and leaves a great impact upon our life path depending upon the placement of planet Venus or Shukra in the horoscope chart. This Yantra is embossed upon copper metal and is believed to be adopted on Friday at time of rising moon.

Planet Venus is the ruler of our inner self which dominates over the composure of our mind and heart and appears in our relations around besides making us what we are from the core as a person and as a human. Its only the planetary position of Venus which makes us either strong or sensitive, either harsh or loving, either creative or dull, either moralistic or immoralist as ruling over the real persona of the native. At the whole, Venus is the giver of respect, love and peace in human life.

In further articulation, a pleased and well placed Venus would confer all his blessings upon the native while a ill-placed position would leave all the adverse impacts upon the person. Those confronting problems in their personal life and lacking the stability of mind or have ill-placed Venus should worship Venus Yantra which will bestow all the positive shades of the planet. Besides this, people of creative and art arena should adopt Shukra Yantra for their professional growth.

Mantra for Shukra Yantra

"Om Draang Dreeng Drong Sa Shukraye Namha"

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